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We have been delivering an extensive range of technology solutions to businesses for over 25 years from consultancy through to deployment and on-going support.

Case Study

Barcroft Media & Barcroft Productions

“We engaged Trams to complete a quick-turnaround infrastructure update to increase working capacity and update our servers and network. This was such a success that we immediately engaged Trams to provide 100% of our technical support and we feel more assured than ever now that our dynamic and progressive business is supported by an experienced and professional team that never tire in their willingness to troubleshoot and resolve issues, whether current or inherited”

Dave Wheels Head of Operations,
Barcroft Media/Productions

Company Profile

Barcroft Media are an international media content company based in London, founded by Sam Barcroft in 2003. Barcroft Media delivers editorial words, pictures and footage to clients across the globe. They represent a large network of content creators, and market their material to publications, websites and broadcasters in over fifty countries. The Barcroft newsroom contains some of the UK’s best picture, news and features editors, all recruited from national newspapers, top press agencies and leading magazines.

Barcroft Productions make prime-time factual television for international broadcasters. They have creative teams based around the globe; they originate and deliver the very best in medical documentaries and human-interest programs.

Barcroft Media also comprises a world-leading YouTube channel called Barcroft TV. It is one of YouTube’s most popular global news channels and since December 2013 the channel has attracted over 230 million views and 250,000 subscribers.

Barcroft Media & Barcroft Productions
Project Background

Project Background

Barcroft’s existing infrastructure had reached its limit, they needed consultancy on how to expand their storage requirement, improve network performance and they also wanted to move their live archive away from their tape backup system.

They were looking for a partner that could deliver them the kind of solution and support, which could drive the business forward and allow them to grow organically. With large files and 4K on the horizon there were lots of factors to take in, so going with the correct solution now would be key to how they would work in the future.

The Challenge

  • Fast reliable shared storage with expansion requirement
  • Improved performance & stability to existing network
  • Live Archive moved from Tape to Disk Storage
  • Dedicated Backup to Tape without Archive Access
  • Local Support with a fast turn around

The Solution

  • Consultancy and Installation Plan
  • Installation & Configuration of new Fileserver, RAID J-Bod Expansion Array & new GB Network Switches
  • Configuration of Tape Library for new Backup Policies running
  • Training for employees on new workflow and setup
  • Support implementation

The Results

  • Company fast shared storage (including 8 users for editing video)
  • Professional Backup solution with disaster recovery strategy
  • Archiving moved to disk for faster access
  • Overall improved network performance & stability

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