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Centrify DirectControl Express

Centrify DirectControl Express is the key component of Centrify Express. It is a limited-functionality version of the same enterprise-hardened Centrify DirectControl technology currently used by Centrify's 4000+ customers for Active Directory integration. By natively joining non-Windows systems to Active Directory, DirectControl Express unlocks the power of Kerberos and LDAP, and in doing so provides a single sign-on experience based on the user's existing Active Directory credentials while at the same time enforcing Active Directory password policies. The bottom line is with Centrify Express you get more functionality and more to upgrade to when compared to other free offerings.

Join UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X systems to Active Directory

DirectControl Express allows you to quickly and easily join a non-Microsoft system to an Active Directory domain, thereby giving you the advantage of a single administrative tool to administer authentication across a heterogeneous computing environment.


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