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ELEMENTS line of high-performance media storage and server systems incorporates 10+ years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in the post-production and broadcast industry.

Ambitious to design solutions that not only fulfill the requirements of demanding media workflows but pro-actively support them every step of the way, ELEMENTS follows an entirely different approach than any other vendor in the field.

We focus on people - not on technology
Technology is only beneficial if it supports the people working with it. That's why we utilise our expertise in IT as well as our deep understanding of media workflows to create tailored solutions that truly support the people behind the project.

We believe in the power of simplicity
We make complicated processes clear and intuitive. Everything that is deemed to be unnecessarily complicated with be eliminated and streamlined - to make sure that our products are not a technological burden but become a helpful part of your team.

We breath life into technology
We think well-designed technology is a beautiful thing and we pay a lot of attention to make sure the great technical design also shows on the outside. Our products are not just designed to perform but to inspire.

Elements Products: