Private Cloud Solutions

Take Control of Your Cloud Storage and Save Money

17th January 2019 - Charlotte Street Hotel
3:00pm - 5:00pm


Early Cloud adopters who put they their content in S3/Public cloud have been surprised by storage and egress costs. Private Cloud Storage is an alternative method which is becoming increasingly popular with companies.

Compared to traditional methods Private Cloud solutions provide shared storage to business units whilst improving an organisation’s CAPEX and delivering greater control and security to your content.

While most businesses are looking to take advantage of cloud storage benefits, they are not likely to save all of their data into a public cloud. The best approach includes a hybrid on-premise cloud storage infrastructure with seamless integration to a public cloud tier. This combination gives enterprises ultimate flexibility by easily integrating with existing systems and a single global namespace that allows data to be stored in the most efficient way.

To find out how the latest Private Cloud Solutions can help you, Trams has teamed up with Western Digital to present and educate on how to take control of your costs and technology.

Why Attend?


Are you currently storing your on-premise and thinking about moving to the cloud to save revenue? Upgrade cycles, staff training and the need to increase the number of servers can create ongoing issues.

Implementing a private cloud model can improve the allocation of resources within an organisation by ensuring that the availability of resources to individual departments/business functions can directly and flexibly respond to their demand.

Public Cloud S3 – AWS / Azure / Google

Have you been one of the many businesses who has rushed to Public Cloud Storage to save revenue only to incur rising monthly costs?

As a private cloud is only accessible by a single organisation, that organisation will have the ability to configure and manage it in-line with their needs to achieve a tailored network solution. And regardless of the additional storage of files month on month, year on year, you won’t receive building fees and costs.

Private Cloud

The main advantage of adopting the Private Cloud is you take control. You can own and manage the content on your storage without rising monthly costs. By operating your own content repositories, you are able to utilise as much or as little as you want. For example, you can back-up endpoint devices to your cloud, once you have your content there you can use it for data analytics.

With a modular storage architecture and patented dynamic data placement, you can grow your system without re-balancing, move gracefully across generations, and avoid forklift upgrades.

Also… did you know other than archiving content to private cloud you can use it for the following;

  • Back-up end point devices e.g. Laptops.
  • Provide a DR access provision if you can’t get in to the office.
  • Perform analytics on usage/content/trends/inhouse data/performance

Some of our major account customers have more than halved their cloud storage costs with no impact to their business…. why don’t you?

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Analysis shows Private Cloud offers price point of Glacier with functionality of S3/On-Premise

  • An entry level ActiveScale solution (720Tb Raw useable capacity) is comparable at a cost level to AWS Amazon Glacier storage.
  • AWS Tiers don’t factor in costs such as egress, or PUT, GET, COPY, SELECT or LIST requests on the data etc.
  • AWS Amazon Glacier storage has slow retrieval times as it’s meant for archive tier. Whereas the ActiveScale P100 is able to deliver 6GB/sec per system and can scale linearly as expanded.
  • ActiveScale P100 solution provides higher levels of data durability than all AWS S3 storage offerings. The ActiveScale solution provides 99.99999999999999999% (referred to as 19x 9’s) whereas AWS’s highest being 99.999999999% (referred to as 11x 9’s).


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