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GDPR comes into effect
on 25th May 2018

GDPR: What You Need to Know

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What is GDPR?

Transparency - GDPR expands the obligations of the Data Controller and demands that organisations are clear to an individual as to what data is collected (and held), how it is processed and the individual’s rights under the GDPR. And that this information is easily accessible.

Data Subject Rights - GDPR introduces a number of new rights (erasure, portability) and strengthens existing rights around Fair Processing, Subject Access Requests (SAR), Rectification of inaccurate records, rules around profiling and automated decisions, and other adjustments to rights.

Accountability- Under the GDPR Data Controllers are required to have appropriate systems and controls in place to manage data security, to allow for easy data management and care of the data and to manage the risks around holding the data.

You can read more about GDPR here

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