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We have been delivering an extensive range of technology solutions to businesses for over 25 years from consultancy through to deployment and on-going support.

Smart Businesses Integrate iPad

iPad won’t just help you do your work more easily, it will free you from your desk and give you powerful new tools. You’ll be more efficient, certainly, but you’ll also make a bigger impact, be a better collaborator and a more impressive operator. And that can only be good for business.

Smart businesses are rapidly realising that the iPad gives them a serious edge on their competition. It’s not just that it says a lot of good things about your willingness to embrace sophisticated new ways of working. It’s that they help you do existing tasks more effectively, and perform new tasks with ease.

Smart Businesses Integrate iPad
Access and edit the files you need

With iPad solutions from Trams the opportunities for mobile productivity in your business will become virtually limitless:

Access and edit the files you need:

With iPad’s built-in, blazing fast wireless technology you’ll have immediate access to all your important files: write, edit and annotate your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations and PDFs.

Streamline business processes:

A range of powerful ready-to-use apps will enable you to manage key business tasks. You’ll not only stay informed by tracking real-time business and sales data, you can get ahead and handle business transactions from your iPad, creating quotes and issuing invoices on the go.

Brainstorm and develop ideas in new ways:

The iPad’s big, beautiful LED-backlit display and wonderful graphics – plus a 10-hour battery life – means you have a rich new way to collaborate with colleagues and clients. Turn hallway conversations into professional-looking sketches, share whiteboard ideas, mark up PDFs – instantly.

Revolutionise your presentations:

There’s something about the iPad which gives your presentations a compelling extra energy and persuasiveness. Plus, you’re free to present at a moment’s notice in almost any setting – in a client meeting, sharing a taxi or in a café.

Mobile meetings made easy:

The iPad makes it easy to attend or host online meetings, and then share and present ideas with immediate impact. The iPad is a highly flexible business tool which proves that you’re on the cutting edge of working practices. For a forward thinking business, it’s fast becoming indispensible.

But mobile devices bring real risks to businesses that don't manage them properly

The spread of iPad and other iOS devices across the workplace is becoming unstoppable – and the benefits to your business are clear. But traditional ways of managing your IT systems just aren’t designed to cope with a world where people want to use iPad and iPhone to help them with their work.

IT departments, typically built on a foundation of Windows hardware and software, are facing unprecedented challenges from an array of fast- evolving and growing mobile apps that are hard enough to keep track of, let alone integrate into existing legacy IT systems.

But if you don’t control and manage the devices, you can’t support employees using them and you can’t control the software they use. And they become a serious security risk to the business.

Mobile devices can also put a strain on your IT infrastructure that you may not have previously considered. For example, will your WiFi network cope with the hundreds or even thousands of new wireless devices vying for bandwidth on a daily basis? How will you backup these devices? The challenges are numerous and raise far-reaching issues.

So how do you securely integrate iOS devices with the Windows- based architecture – or Mac OS based, come to that – that your IT systems are built on?

But mobile devices bring real risks to businesses that don't manage them properly

Why integrating and managing iPads into your business doesn't have to be difficult

You need a smart solution that will work across multiple operating systems and give you the control you’re missing. That’s exactly where we can help – not just with acquiring the devices but with integrating, managing and supporting them too. Trams offers a range of solutions for the acquisition, integration and support of iPad into your business environment.

We have been working with mixed operating systems for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience integrating Windows and Apple technologies. We’ll make managing the new mobile devices simple, so you can take full advantage of the benefits they’re offering you.

iPad integration requires Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software. But which one?

What’s urgently needed is a way to be able to manage all the mobile devices your people are using. It needs to be simple to use with your existing servers and systems. It must be quick to install. Above all it must give you control over the software and the security of the mobile devices your employees are using.

Trams works with you to find the best and most secure MDM solution, integrates it, and then gives you all the support you need through the whole process and beyond

We won’t merely point you towards the best solution for you. We’ll help you pilot it, install it, integrate it, train your team to use it, and support you tackling your ongoing challenges.

Any mobile device management tool won’t do

There’s a wide range of MDM solutions out there – at least 20 – so how do you know what’s best for you? To make matters worse, companies offering mobile device management are ridiculously busy right now as demand for their services explodes. Chances are you won’t be able to get the close support you’re very likely to need.

At Trams we will ensure you acquire a solution which fits well with your existing IT set-up, the size of your business, the demands of your staff – and equally importantly, the likely future evolution of your use of devices. We’ll look ahead to understand what your needs will be in the near future – so you’ll have tools able, for example, to manage support for Apple laptops when your users start demanding those as well.

We work with several different solutions so we never need to push an inappropriate solution on our clients: we choose the best one for you.

Installation and training for a smooth integration

We will work with you to install your mobile device management solution, beginning with a pilot programme that tests a small number of users to identify issues and resolve them, before rolling out across the business. The solution will run on your existing servers, whether Windows or Apple, and will work through your existing interface. It will be easy to use, so all your team can be involved.

Equally importantly, we will train your team and give you the knowledge transfer you’ll need to get up and running smoothly.

We will then be at hand to offer support when you face the inevitable challenges. And when you need to enhance what you offer your business, we will help you provide additional solutions seamlessly and speedily.

We’ll help you upgrade your hardware to support iPad and iPhone

We’ll help you upgrade your hardware to support iPad and iPhone

Most wireless networks were never design to meet the kinds of demands being placed on them today, which means they’re in danger of being overwhelmed.

It used to be the case that one user had one computer on a wireless network at work, usually a laptop. Not any more. Today it can easily average more than three mobile devices for every mobile worker – the result of the Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD) trend.

That’s one change. Another is that the applications people use on those mobile devices are placing rapidly growing data demands on wireless bandwidth. And at the same time people are expecting faster downloads and uploads than ever.

Put these two trends together and you have a scenario where your WiFi infrastructure can very easily get overwhelmed.

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