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We are an Apple Authorised Solution Expert for Education, with 25 years of experience in delivering learning solutions.

iPad Training

If you’re using or thinking about using iPad in your school then you need to be thinking about training for your teachers, pupils and beyond.

At Trams we understand the importance of on-going training solutions and are constantly striving to design and develop new and innovative iPad Training solutions.

From our free to attend courses held at locations like the Science Museum and HMS Belfast through to our bespoke training packages we are able to offer training courses that will ensure your school is using iPad and other Apple technology to achieve the very best teaching and learning outcomes.

Our in-house Apple Education Trainers would be more than happy to visit you at your school to discuss ways in which we can help you develop a cost effective CPD strategy to meet your on-going training needs.

iPad Training
Targeted Courses

Targeted Courses

We offer a wide range of targeted courses whether they be subject specific, focused on a particular area of creative learning or be aimed at specific target groups (SEN, SMT etc).

Our targeted courses can be dropped into your school training plan at any time. These courses are an ideal way to quickly teach new skills, undertake a refresher or encourage teachers to push the boundaries of what is possible with the iPad in the classroom. Our targeted courses also cover advanced skills development for staff and teachers looking to take their skills to the highest level.

Courses Include:

  • Vision and Planning
  • Introduction to iPad
  • Structuring iPad workflows - Primary
  • Structuring iPad workflows - Secondary
  • Creative learning with iPads
  • iPads and AfL - evidencing learning through digital outcomes
  • App Smashing! - learn new ways to do more with new and existing Apps that you never would have thought possible.
Courses Include

Bespoke Training Solutions

A personalised training package designed in consultation with your school and aligned to the School Development Plan.


  • Initial consultation with SMT/network manager
  • Infrastructure survey
  • Staff survey
  • Training plan
  • Support materials

This solution is offered as a medium to long term support solution that will enable your school to feel confident that their particular priorities and needs are being addressed and reviewed on a regular basis.

Giving structure to any 1:1 roll-out, training sessions are designed to give maximum benefit whilst creating minimum disruption to the working day and can be tailored to cover the CPD requirements of individual staff members or teams.

Bespoke Training Solutions
Training Packages

Training Packages

Package 1
For schools that have (or will have) a class set of iPads available.

Introduction to teaching and learning with iPads
A session designed to give all staff a thorough understanding of the basic features of the device in a teaching and learning context (including iBooks and iTunes U).

Essential learning apps 1
Explore some of the apps for learning that should be in every teacher's toolkit. Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Book Creator, Shadow Puppet, Yakit Kids.

Essential learning apps 2
A session covering some of the most useful apps for teaching and learning across the curriculum. Explain Everything, PuppetPals HD, Aurasma, QR reader.

When working with iPads it's useful to have this model in mind - Plan, collate, create, share. This session will walk you through some ideas for how to implement this model in your classroom. - Popplet, Padlet, Safari, Baiboard HD, Camera, container app, sharing possibilities.

Assessment and feedback
How does learning with iPads enable targeted and timely feedback and assessment? This workshop will explore some practical methods for dealing with these key areas. Airdrop, Showbie, Google forms, Socrative, Nearpod.

Presentation Courses

To explain and demonstrate the transformational potential of iPads for learning, we can deliver presentations to any of the following groups:


Why would schools be considering - or have decided - to invest in this technology? What will learning look and feel like for pupils if they each have an iPad? How will this new initiative support pupils towards those all important exams?

These questions and more can be explored during a Parents’ Evening presentation. We can demonstrate and explain the benefits of bringing iPad into the learning landscape of the school.


Why iPads? Governors need to feel that the potential investment will show a healthy return in terms of pupil attainment and the school’s results. We can explain the ways in which iPads can ensure that learning time is maximised for all pupils and can present examples of successful iPad deployment at other similar schools.


Making rapid and sustained progress is paramount; we understand this and can demonstrate the ways in which a 1:1 iPad scheme can lead to far greater differentiation, personalisation and evidencing of learning. If your SMT need a vision of how the technologies can enhance teaching and learning, our experts can provide some compelling examples.

Pupil Orientation Sessions

Pupil Orientation Sessions

For schools who are about to implement a 1:1 iPad rollout (whether whole school, or with a year group)

Though confident users of technology, pupils have known the iPad as a consumer device - a means of entertainment. These sessions are designed to introduce pupils to the iPad’s learning possibilities and to enable them to work as content creators.

These sessions enable pupils to become familiar with a set of apps that they can use to evidence learning across the curriculum - a learning toolkit - and this will enable staff to continue delivering their curriculum in lessons without needing to focus on explaining the technologies.

Sessions will fit in with the lesson length and structure of a normal school day and should cause minimal disruption to routine.

Apple Professional Development Training

When purchasing 25 or more iPads from Trams within a 6 month period you become eligible for free Apple Professional Development training.

The more iPads you purchase the more free training you get. And, as APD training is carried our by our Apple certified APD trainers you can rest assured that the quality and depth of the training offered is second to none.

Taught by educators for educators Our Apple Education Trainers are current or former educators themselves, which gives them a personal understanding of learning and teaching with technology. Because they know what’s important in the curriculum, they can ensure that you learn about your iPad and other Apple products and how they can best serve you and your pupils. We offer workshops in the following categories:

These offerings assist education leaders in visioning and planning for transforming learning and teaching with technology.

Focused on technology skills, these foundational workshops help teachers become confident and comfortable integrating Apple products into their teaching strategies.

These workshops focus on curricula, content design, and instruction with Apple products.

These offerings build capacity and provide special levels of instructional support.

Additional Details

  • Workshops are hands-on and address a wide range of learning and teaching needs.
  • All workshops are presented in a context that models technology implementation in a wide variety of curricular styles.
  • Workshops accommodate up to 20 participants.
  • For institutional/group purchase only.
  • Workshops are delivered by independent trainers selected and approved by Apple.
  • Day workshops may be broken into two half-day sessions to accommodate a variety of groupings.
  • Workshops are flexible — you can discuss implementation options with your Apple Education Trainer after purchase.