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We have been delivering an extensive range of technology solutions to businesses for over 25 years from consultancy through to deployment and on-going support.

Smart Businesses use Mac

Moving to the Mac will not only bring new efficiencies and tools into your business, it will do far more than that.

It will change both how your team feels about its work and how your customers view your services. You’ll be sending a powerful signal that you stand for quality and innovation.

Smart Businesses use Mac
Flexibility to work across operating systems

When businesses begin using the Mac, they’re often surprised by what happens next as benefits start showing up across the business.

Flexibility to work across operating systems

The Mac is the only computer that can simultaneously run Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. By adopting Macs, you’re not shutting out your Windows options – you’re allowing yourself to work with the best of both. This gives your business an unprecedented flexibility, both internally and when it comes to dealing with customers and the programs they’re using.

Reduce downtime, cut IT costs

Macs are renowned for being easy to use, and this can have an immediate impact on business. Macs are fast to learn and your staff will rapidly find tasks easier to achieve – and more enjoyable too. But equally importantly, they will experience far less down time – Macs have a more stable platform, crash less and are quicker to reboot. When you total up the time savings you’ll typically find you’re adding many hours to the working week.

Differentiate your business

Macs are associated with quality and innovation, and they make a genuine difference to how you are perceived. Business after business has found that using Macs in presentations and the like differentiates them from their competitors and marks them out as forward-thinking and fast-moving – and this is even more marked if they operate in a sector where Mac adoption is low.

People love using Apple

You’ll probably already have members of staff who use the iPhone – and you’ll probably find they love using them. You may even have staff who are already using iPad for their work, and it’s likely they’ll be doing their job in new ways. Put simply, people enjoy using Apple products. So by giving them Macs, you’re making them feel better about their job and giving them a strong incentive to stay with you. And that feelgood factor has powerful knock-on effects across the business.

What our customers say

If you’ve never used a Mac before in your business, you may be wondering what difference they make. We asked some of our customers to tell us:

“Let’s face it, the Mac is a slick and sexy computer. When I walk into a meeting with my MacBook Air, people take notice. When I leave, everyone remembers my presentation.”

“We’ve always used and deployed Windows, we knew nothing about Mac so we just ignored it. Some smaller, more nimble competitors started taking business away, partly because their sales guys used Macs and customers thought they were more progressive. Fortunately, Trams not only helped us get up to speed quickly, their willingness to transfer their knowledge and experience to our IT guys made all the difference.”

“I want all my employees to use Macs. They’re so easy to use. Just because we’re accountants doesn’t mean we have to be boring. We want our people to enjoy their jobs and using the Mac is a big step in that direction for us.”

What our customers say

Why integrating Macs is easier than you think

There’s no need to throw away your existing back end technology – it can be adapted and upgraded to support Mac.

Here at Trams we’ve been working with mixed operating systems and helping Apple and Windows products work together for more than 20 years. We have a range of ways to integrate Mac into your existing IT setup.

Macs can function seamlessly with key enterprise technologies such as Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, and with our wide experience working with these and other technologies, we’ll make integration simple for you – allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits Macs offer.

  • Mac OS X Server solutions. The advanced features in OS X Server bring more power, control, and collaboration to your organisation. So everyone on your team can work more effectively together.

    How Trams can help: As an Apple Authorised Reseller Trams can integrate Mac OS X Server technologies into your network including Advanced Profile Management, backup solutions, Calendar, Contacts and Mail Servers.

  • Active Directory integration. Mac can participate seamlessly in a Windows Active Directory domain, with advanced Windows Group Policy support for desktop lockdown.

    How Trams can help: Trams has years of experience in integrating Mac into Active Directory so we can help configure everything you need to get your Macs on the network.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server support With Mountain Lion, the Mac provides built-in support for Microsoft Exchange 2010, so you can keep all your email, messages, and contacts in one place.

    How Trams can help: We can help evaluate your current Exchange infrastructure, implement upgrades as required and configure Exchange server to allow seamless integration with the Mac.

  • A Mac can run Windows. Run Windows on your Mac using the Boot Camp utility or third-party virtualisation software like VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop for Mac.

    How Trams can help: If you still need to run Windows only applications on your Mac we can supply and configure a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.

  • Mac to PC compatibility. Use Microsoft Office, connect to most printers, join PC networks, and move all the information from your old PC to your new Mac with ease.

    How Trams can help: Trams offers a full range of support services allowing you to easily integrate or migrate from PC to Mac including disk imaging, driver installation, network configuration etc.

Trams helps you find the best way to integrate Macs into your IT systems – and we’ll support you throughout the process of installing it

At Trams we won’t simply identify and sell you the solution. We’ll pilot it, install it, integrate it, train your team to use it, and support you tackling your ongoing IT challenges as you adjust and adapt to a fast-moving technological landscape

How do you know which is the best way to integrate Apple devices into your network? You can go straight to a solution but you’ll be taking a leap in the dark.

By working with Trams you’ll make sure the solution you select fits with your existing systems, the ways you want to use Macs, the needs of your teams – and just as important, the ambitions you have for your business and the likely evolution of your requirements.

We work with a range of leading solutions and the world’s most innovative vendors. This means we won’t push an inappropriate solution on you – there’s just no need. We’ll help you choose the best one to meet your needs.

Time to integrate all the benefits of Macs into your business?

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Trams helps you find the best way to integrate Macs into your IT systems