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We have been delivering an extensive range of technology solutions to businesses for over 25 years from consultancy through to deployment and on-going support.

Mobile Device Management

We can make this complex task easy for you, and we’ll even give you the power to manage devices remotely.

Increasingly people expect to be able to use smartphones, iPad and other mobile devices at work, and businesses can no longer afford to ignore the mobile device revolution. But it certainly opens up a whole can of worms.

Mobile Device Management
Apple Authorised Reseller

The world of mobile devices is an ever changing array of operating systems and devices, and it’s difficult enough to manage, let alone integrate with your existing systems.

But not controlling mobile devices could give you an even worse headache. The thought of employees carrying commercially sensitive information on vulnerable, easily lost or stolen devices is enough to make any IT director turn pale.

At Trams we’re experts at integrating diverse pieces of kit and software systems. For more than 25 years we’ve been getting Apple products to work with PCs and other systems. We understand the importance of integration and we know how to deliver it.

As an Apple Authorised Reseller and Apple Authorised Service Provider, we are uniquely placed to be able to configure, integrate, upgrade or replace any of your existing or future equipment including not only the entire Mac range but also iPad as well.

The control we can give you

We can set you up with the technology to easily manage all your team’s mobile devices. You’ll be able to configure them, track them, control the software and apps on them, restrict access to data and even wipe or lock them – all remotely.

Managing apps: We’ll enable you to host and distribute in-house apps. You can provide single-click installation, track installed apps, control who has access, and be alerted when unauthorised apps are installed.

Developing apps: As part of your MDM strategy we can help you design and develop bespoke business-transforming apps.

Track and locate: You’ll be able to locate and follow any mobile device – and do so on an iPad.

Security: We’ll give you control what users can do. You can manage access to company networks, control sharing of files, restrict use of apps, email, etc, for different users, and define time windows for access to documents and networks. You can partially or wholly disable devices that have blacklisted apps loaded. And you’ll be able to remotely lock and wipe devices.

Inventory: You’ll have a live inventory of hardware and software items such as phone numbers, apps, serial numbers and so on.

Manage files: You’ll be able to securely distribute files without using email, control access and the ability to share, and delete them from a device as you wish.

MDM for iOS Devices

As Authorised Reseller for both Apple and Absolute Software products Trams have the experience to help you with all of your iOS deployment scenarios. We can help you maximise your investment by leveraging the features already present in iOS devices, take the Apple Push Notification Service as an example.

To communicate with an iOS device, Absolute Manage MDM from Absolute Software uses the Apple Push Notification service. This lightweight, scaleable service provides a way to wake up the device, so it can check-in with the MDM server to retrieve pending actions or queries. Using the Apple Push Notification service enables MDM servers to keep in contact with a device without affecting performance or battery life.

And it's secure too. Using an SSL certificate, obtained from Apple and installed on your MDM server, allows your MDM server to securely communicate with the Apple Push Notification service. Just one of many features available that Trams can help you configure.

MDM for iOS Devices
Security & Configuration

Security & Configuration

Absolute Manage MDM has extensive security and configuration capabilities including:

  • Set longer, more complex passwords for enterprise level security.
  • Lock a device, clear a password, and wipe a device clean to factory settings (without an Exchange or MobileMe account).
  • Manage and deploy profiles to configure email, restrict apps, set up VPN, disable the camera, and deploy web clips.
  • Use policy-locked configuration profiles to stop non-compliant devices (such as jailbroken, or if blacklisted apps have been installed) from accessing company email and networks.
  • Schedule policies so users have a defined window of time to access secured documents and corporate networks. Send customised messages and communicate with the end user wirelessly.

Absolute Manage MDM allows you to track installed apps including:

  • Build device records using custom data fields that support the unique requirements of your business.
  • Apps by Absolute provide you with a variety of apps so you can geographically track devices and perform security and administrative tasks from an iPad; manage in-house apps; and apply strict security controls for the sharing of files and media – including a complete lock down of print, email, and other media sharing options.
  • Publish a list of approved apps onto each device and provide a single-click download and installation process for users.
  • For organisations participating in the Apple App Store Volume Purchase program, Absolute Manage MDM distributes and tracks ASVPP redemption codes.
Absolute Manage MDM allows you to track installed apps


AbsoluteSafe is an app available with Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management (MDM).

It enables IT administrators to securely distribute sensitive or confidential files to iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) without using email. Along with a secure media transfer, IT administrators can restrict the files from being emailed, printed, or moved outside of AbsoluteSafe and files can be password protected so that users must enter a password before they can access the files.

There is no other technology available today that can provide such granular control and security over corporate data.

Download the Absolutesafe Datasheet