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VTrak x30 Series Raid

The PROMISE VTrak x30 Series RAID subsystem is a high performance, massively scalable 8G Fibre Channel storage subsystem designed to provide 24/7, 365 enterprise-class availability. Optimized to work within a Mac OS X environment, the VTrak x30 Series offers up to four times more performance than the previous generation delivering up to 5.5 GB/s for reads and 2.2 GB/s for writes.

The VTrak x30 Series RAID solution was developed to meet the mission critical needs of today’s demanding video workflows. At the heart of the PROMISE VTrak x30 Series RAID subsystem is an advanced, high-performance RAID engine developed over the course of two decades. Powered by next-generation processing power from Intel, the Xeon C3500 Series processors, the VTrak x30 unleashes tomorrow’s performance, today.

Key Features:

  • Quad 8Gbps FC ports per controller
  • Delivers up four times more performance than previous generation
  • High-availability design • Out-of-the box support with zero software install required
  • Scale up to 7 Expansion Chassis for a total of 136 drives
  • PerfectFlash enables software updates without requiring downtime
  • Administer access control through Open Directory & LDAP
  • Energy Efficient Power Supplies offering up to 85% power efficiency
  • Qualified Solution for Mac OS X, Xsan and Final Cut Pro
  • Certified for Windows, Linux and StorNext

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