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StorNext Metadata Appliances

The StorNext 5 Metadata Appliances are ideal for high capacity environments needing fast, sustained and reliable shared access to very large files across multiple platforms. Delivered as a factory-integrated solution, these powerful metadata appliances allow customers to take advantage of the high-speed, shared-access StorNext 5 file system with the deployment ease of an appliance. Available in two configurations, the StorNext Metadata Appliances are designed specifically for data-intensive environments: very large files in very large numbers, shared among heterogeneous clients over Fibre Channel or Ethernet. The StorNext Metadata Appliances deliver the power of StorNext 5 while simplifying deployment, operation, and support.

Key Features

  • Factory-installed and licensed StorNext 5 software for simplified deployments and out-of-the-box reliability
  • High-performance data sharing
  • Collaboration across Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OSX operating systems
  • Advanced reporting visually displays the health of the system for optimal performance and supportability

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