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StorNext Q-Series Storage

From video footage to seismic exploration to DNA research, organizations are experiencing tremendous growth in Big Data, valuable data that is often difficult or impossible to recreate. Quantum’s StorNext® appliances are purpose-built for Big Data, with solutions that scale capacity orders of magnitude faster than budgets, maintain high-performance at low operational costs, are flexible to accomplish the most challenging missions, and keep Big Data available forever. StorNext Q-Series Storage is a family of primary disk storage optimized for these highly demanding Big Data environments.

Key Features

  • Performance, scalability and density – designed for use in demanding StorNext Big Data environments
  • Purpose-built for StorNext environments – Q-Series is for purchase with StorNext appliances and StorNext software-or can be added to existing StorNext deployments
  • Extensive high availability features available-including dual-active controllers with automated I/O path failover
  • World-class support from one vendor – all software, hardware and support come from the experts at Quantum

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