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We have been delivering an extensive range of technology solutions to businesses for over 25 years from consultancy through to deployment and on-going support.

Scale-Out Storage

Trams provide a unique combination of specialised and cost effective solutions for traditional, virtual and cloud environments.

As Quantum StorNext Reseller of the Year for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 we have helped customers to cost-effectively manage data growth and gain maximum value from their digital assets.

Big Data Storage Solutions

What is Big Data?

These days big data is a buzz word that risks becoming a cliché; what exactly is it? How much data is “big”? A few years ago a terabyte seemed an inconceivable amount, today nobody thinks twice about it. Where is the line between regular data and big data? Perhaps the important question is not “what is big data”, but rather, “can I easily manage the data that I have at a price that makes sense – both now and in the future”?

At Trams we take great pains to ensure that whether the customer is investing in 20 Terabytes or 500 Terabytes, and projected to rise into the Petabytes, we take the same careful approach and the answer to that question will be “yes”.

Too often we meet customers who have purchased a system that was sold as simple and expandable, but sadly they didn’t read the small print. These systems often come with a hidden future cost because the base system wasn’t as flexible as the customer had originally hoped.

We have therefore selected Quantum and their StorNext solution as our preferred platform of choice for big data. StorNext, is now in it’s 5th iteration and with over 50,000 installations worldwide has performance at the top of the curve. StorNext meets the requirement for scalabilty, reliability and unrivalled connectivity choices to your Enterprise data. StorNext can deliver the broadest range of connectivity and performance requirements whilst scaling massively into multi-petabyte file-systems containing billions of files.

And, whilst Trams have extensive experience in all of Quantum's solutions we can also leverage your existing investment in enterprise storage so that you do not have to buy new. Globally deployments exist involving disk from Hitachi Data Systems, EMC, NetApp, Hewlett Packard, Data Direct, IBM, Promise, Infortrend, Dell, Nexsan and many others. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the exert of our knowledge in managing big data.

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Featured Products

StorNext Q-Series Storage

StorNext Q-Series Storage

From video surveillance to seismic exploration to DNA research, companies are experiencing tremendous growth in unstructured Big Data. This content is very high in volume, is often difficult or impossible to recreate, and is of utmost value to the business or institution.

StorNext Metadata Appliances

StorNext Metadata Appliances

Available in two configurations, the StorNext Metadata Appliances are designed specifically for data-intensive environments: very large files in very large numbers, shared among heterogeneous clients over Fibre Channel or Ethernet.

StorNext 5

StorNext 6

With StorNext data management software, you get high-speed content sharing combined with cost-effective data archiving. It’s all about helping you build an infrastructure that consolidates your resources, so workflow runs faster and operations cost less.