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Enhanced Mac & iOS Management without the hardware costs!

Offering a range of features for schools and universities, TramsCloud Manage scales easily from 10s to 1000s of devices instantly, without the hardware, software and support challenges of your own hardware.

TramsCloud Manage is powered by Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite), the same software chosen by IBM to manage their Mac@IBM programme. TramsCloud Manage is a hosted, managed and enhanced Jamf Pro, enabling you to bring the legendary Apple experience to your school. Designed to empower schools to be self-sufficient, TramsCloud Manage gives you the Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool to maintain command of your Mac and iPad hardware whilst empowering student learning.

For primaries and smaller schools, TramsCloud Manage offers an extensive level of features without the hefty hardware and support costs of maintaining your own environment.

For larger schools, academies and universities TramsCloud Manage scales easily to support 1000s of devices in any location across the country, with central cloud based management and local distribution points.

If you already run your own Jamf Software Server (JSS) and are looking to remove the hardware and internal support costs of maintaining your own environment – TramsCloud Manage is THE solution you should be considering.

Is TramsCloud Manage the solution for education?

TramsCloud Manage is designed for all types of school including primaries, secondaries, academies and universities. TramsCloud Manage is available in two flavours:

TramsCloud Manage - Self Managed (for larger environments)
Your IT department gets full access to the Jamf Server and they manage the day-to-day operation of the server. Trams manage all of the backend servers including patching, upgrades, server backups, SSL certificates, etc.

TramsCloud Manage - Trams Managed (for smaller schools)
Your IT department (if you have one) gets limited access to the Jamf Server and Trams manage the day-to-day operation of the server. Trams manage all of the backend servers including patching, upgrades, server backups, SSL certificates, etc.

How robust is TramsCloud?

TramsCloud is designed for 24/7 anywhere anytime access with guaranteed 99.5% uptime. The live environment is hosted completely within Europe either across 3 data centres in Ireland or 2 data centres in London with a further 2 in Germany for disaster recovery.

"We have recently signed up for TramsCloud Manage as a means of rolling out Jamf Pro across our almost entirely Apple Mac estate of approximately 150 machines. Gavin provided excellent training in our two-day Jumpstart and has continued to provide advice and support specific to our particular business needs. The whole Trams team are a pleasure to work with."

A level of speed and integration that
turns our competitors green with envy

As an Apple Solution Expert for Education and Apple Authorised Service Provider Trams offer a complete end-to-end consultancy, supply, integration, service, support, repair and recycle range of services for schools.

Trams are the first UK based Apple Solution Expert to have API level integration with the Apple DEP (Device Enrolment Program). This level of integration benefits TramsCloud Manage customers by allowing us to automatically configure your devices through TramsCloud Manage as soon as they have left our warehouse so all your users need to do is open the box and turn it on – a zero touch configuration solution for your IT department.

With this streamlined level of integration, we can help you deploy thousands of devices in a single day!

"We’ve had Trams in for a number of projects, I’ve always found them very professional while still being flexible and responsive when thrown an unforeseen curve ball."

"For the past few years we’ve used Trams as backup for our on-site team. They have always responded quickly and resolved our issues without unnecessary fuss."

Extended features and attributes

TramsCloud Manage is not a one-size fits all solution like many other cloud based MDM solutions, we can configure it to meet your own unique requirements.

TramsCloud Manage offers a range of additional features and services not available with standard Jamf Pro deployments. For example, TramsCloud Manage offers a highly granular enrolment process for individual users, meaning students and teachers from different departments and years will receive different apps and security policies based on the profile you have defined.


For existing Jamf solutions we can make the migration completely seamless for your users, with no interruption to services, whilst being able to improve your configuration at the same time. You can also bring your existing Jamf Pro licenses with you, no need to buy new ones.

Our certified Jamf Pro consultants can re-design your existing build to include the additional features we have developed for Jamf Pro. Initial training with our team will ensure you are taking full advantage of all the latest Jamf Pro features. Following you pre-install training our team perform a seamless migration to TramsCloud Manage. We specialise in service improvement!

Key Features

  • Fully Managed MDM Solution
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Extensive management of your Mac & iOS devices
  • Jamf Pro certified engineers
  • Always up-to-date with the latest Jamf Pro features*
  • Highly scalable and fault tolerant
  • Local distribution points in different cities or countries available

Key Benefits

  • EU Based Data Centres with options for other locales
  • Simple, per device, pricing plans
  • Free up your IT department and save time
  • Lower costs and increased robustness
  • Easy migration for existing Jamf Pro users
  • UKs fastest growing Jamf Pro Reseller
  • 25 years of experience in deploying Apple devices into businesses

To find out more about the benefits of TramsCloud Manage contact us today by calling 020 7820 7111, email or fill out the form below: