Teaching coding with iPad.

Code powers the world around us. Apple’s Everyone Can Code approach to teaching pupils the fundamentals of coding is a way of engaging pupils and ensuring progression in the primary computing curriculum.

Date: December 06, 2019
Time: 10:00 - 15:30
Location: London CLC (Clapham Common)

This day will explore how you can use Apple’s extensive resources and a range of free apps, including Apple’s Swift Playgrounds to teach the computing curriculum effectively.

You will also experience how pupils can be engaged with physical computing by using drones and robots.

The day will cover:

  • Progression from KS1 - KS2 in coding and computation thinking skills on iPad
  • Physical control using drones and robots
  • Assessing computing skills with iPad
  • Linking computing concepts to early learning goals
  • Take-away resources for use in school

This workshop is FREE to attend and includes lunch