The future is enabling media supply chains to be centralised, accessible independent of location, securely held and enabling intelligent content enrichment.

By automating and simplifying content accessibility, searchability, distribution and analysis, organisations can discover content in whole new ways, drive operational efficiencies and new workflows as well as generate new revenue streams enabling you to monetise your content.

NMR & Trams are a UK partner of Veritone are offering a 60-day free trial to new customers of Veritone’s suite of products that are designed to maximise organisations ability to work collaboratively and leverage your media content.

Veritone’s solutions are fully cloud native, using best in breed technologies, from file acceleration, content distribution, with full support across AWS, Google, IBM and Azure as well as RESTful APIs to enable orchestration and automation. Their applications; Veritone Essentials, Attribute , and Digital Media Hub are designed specifically for media & entertainment clients in radio, TV, film, sports, and podcasting and with ease-of-use, data and content sharing in mind.

Veritone CMS Application

Veritone Essentials

With Veritone Essentials, broadcasters can easily track campaigns based on keywords and copy elements, such as brand names or talent; generate and share air-checks, and create campaign recaps, all completely remotely while saving time and valuable resources.

Veritone Attribute

Veritone Attribute gives broadcasters the ability to correlate ads (including pre-recorded, live, and in-program executions) with the advertiser’s website traffic. This award-winning application arms sales teams with comprehensive performance insights to share with their ad clients and help them optimise campaigns, nurture client relationships, and ultimately secure more share of ad spend.

Veritone Digital Media Hub

Veritone Digital Media Hub is an intelligent media asset management portal designed for content owners in sports, film, TV, news, and other media enterprises. With its simple interface, users can immediately search, manage, share, and monetize indexed content. It offers advanced, multivariate search, media streams and content assets discovery and management and can be integrated with existing MAMs/DAMs to enhance workflows.

Workflow Integration

Underpinned by RESTful API’s we can help support building out media supply chains that integrate the suite of Veritone products.

We believe that now more than ever, media & entertainment will play a crucial role in all of our lives as we rely on it to stay up-to-date on the latest developments, educated, and also entertained.

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