TramsCloud AutoPatch.

Fast and efficient patching process for your macOS devices.

TramsCloud AutoPatch is a cloud-based automation process which
simplifies the method of updating applications and software on macOS devices. Once one of the authorised applications has an upgrade, IT have the control to hold and push to the self-service platform throughout the entire company estate.

Should the user fail to address the patching within a set timescale, TramsCloud AutoPatch will take over and ensure the software is managed accordingly.


While IT continues to have complete control of any application upgrades, TramsCloud AutoPatch can assist by ensuring all macOS devices are up to date without waiting on the user. With over 60 applications and software already compatible, plus the ability to add more.


The user will receive a notification of the patch and be able to authorise at a time which suits them. By using the Self-Service Portal employees are safe in the knowledge they can download the latest version.


If the user hasn’t completed the patch themselves, TramsCloud AuotPatch will assist and complete the upgrade at the specified time. Plus, with the platform you will be able to easily see which patches have been complete, allowing you more time for IT issues.

Why is TramsCloud AutoPatch important?

TramsCloud can help ensure your macOS estate is ahead of potential software, operating system and application vulnerabilities. With a large number of employees working remotely any out-of-date applications or software can be a vulnerable to cyber threats. With the automation, clients using TramsCloud AutoPatch will have more time to deal with more complex IT issues.

  • Save IT Time
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Provides Greater Security
  • No need for additional software on end-user device
  • Updates During Out of Hours
  • Meets Compliance Requirements
  • Controls User Applications
  • Updates available within 48 hours of official release

macOS Applications

Once configured with the TramsCloud AutoPatch the IT Department can seamlessly keep macOS applications up to date without the need for manual uploading.

TramsCloud AutoPatch is able to work with numerous applications and if not, the team will organise at your request. Furthermore, with TramsCloud AutoPatch, powered by Jamf Pro, we can update applications without the need for additional software on the users macOS device.

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