BBC Northern Ireland

BBC Northern Ireland Leverages Quantum StorNext for Continuous Output Workflow and Dual-Redundant Data Centers.

Switching to an all-digital capture system presented workflow challenges for Northern Ireland’s public broadcasting system (BBC NI).

In response, the company, which had leveraged the Quantum StorNext scale-out storage solution for more than a decade to manage its ever-growing media asset library, expanded its StorNext environment.

The results were higher-speed ingest and transcoding, faster production, and a dual-site, fully redundant workflow environment.

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The new system has much faster performance overall, and it provides much more flexibility. Now, we have 200 seats with high-performance access to all the shared content through the StorNext File System—so that more editors can work faster and more collaboratively, and spend less time moving themselves or the content around

Roland Rodgers
Technology development and infrastructure specialist, BBC NI