Live Optics

Understanding your unique IT environment is key to making better and faster purchasing decisions.

Live Optics was designed with IT and business
decision makers in mind

Live Optics gets you the answers you need to strategically invest in your data centre infrastructure with fast, informed decision making for optimised business outcomes.

Regardless of your devices or operating systems, this powerful, free online software can help you:

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Gain transparency and define clear goals.
With deep insights into storage, data protection, server, file, and high-value workloads, you can document requirements, create RFPs and guide vendors to tailor a unique IT solution for you.

Save money by shifting to a workload-based consumption model
Many IT departments over-diagnose and overspend on hardware because they lack accurate usage data. Live Optics enables you to refocus on workload optimisation, so you can operate cost-efficiently.

Save time by automating data collection.
Collect and analyse key information in 24 hours or less, enabling faster, data-driven purchasing decisions.

Make your smartest IT decision yet with Live Optics.

Take a data-driven approach to optimising your IT environment with a visual performance summary across your entire data centre.
Live Optics is free, lightweight, remote and agent-less software that collects and streams your system’s workload data to an online analytics engine and then measures, analyses and blends its characteristics.

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