Secure your company and customer data by building a network which can deter and stop hackers.

While weak IT defences can jeopardise your data, they could also ruin your company’s reputation, put you at risk of blackmail and even attract a fine. With many enterprise companies moving to or already on software-defined networking, cloud computing and Internet of Things to reduce costs and be as proactive as possible it brings new threats which need to be addressed.

At Trams, our holistic approach to IT security means we can help you to identify shortfalls, detect current problems and provide solutions to protect your network.

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Network security

Used to prevent unauthorised or malicious users from gaining access to your network. This ensures that usability, reliability and integrity are uncompromised. Network Security is necessary to prevent a hacker from accessing data inside the network disrupting a user's ability to access or use the network.

Endpoint security

Endpoint security provides protection at device level. Equipment such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers will be made secure by Endpoint Security. The security will prevent your devices from accessing threatening networks.

Internet security

This involves the protection of data sent and received in browsers, as well as network security involving web-based applications. These protections (such as firewalls, antimalware, and antispyware) are designed to monitor incoming internet traffic for malware as well as unwanted traffic.

Cloud security

With so much moving to the cloud, it means users are connecting directly to the internet and are not protected by the traditional internal security. Cloud security can help secure the usage of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and the public cloud.

Relevant Solutions

Cloud Storage

Trams | Econocom are experts in the field of content management. We can consult, build and install bespoke solutions or ready-made packages on private, public or hybrid storage.

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Apple Device Management

Managed Device Management to unleash the true power of your business. Remotely control your Apple devices with one easy solution.

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As an independent company dealing with cutting-edge of technology, Trams | Econocom can provide an honest and impartial advice to those looking for expert IT guidance.

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Backup & Recovery

If you lose data which hasn't been backed up, it is virtually impossible to retrieve and can cost your business time, money and resources.

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Data Storage

In today’s world with content so important, finding the right data storage solutions is key. Trams | Econocom can steer you to the solution right for you.

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