Ingest & Playout

When it comes to Ingest & Playout, there is no-one better equipped to meet your requirements. From editing to delivering the final footage, we have all the software and hardware you need.

We are a trusted partner to some of the leading broadcast companies in the world, along with post-production agencies. Our expertise in media and decades of experience means we can create a solution tailored to your current platforms and software.

Trams content Ingest and Capture solutions for tape, SDI and IP-based material are normally integrated as part of a larger installation such as a MAM / Archive or Production Library installation. The technology deployed for these solutions is often delivered as part of a MAM solution or by integration with one of the following dedicated ingest products:

Cinegy Capture – Tape, card-based media and real-time ingest solution for creation of multiple format content in an IP and SDI-based environment.

Cinegy Convert – Automated file-based content ingest solution for standalone operation or as part of a Cinegy Archive implementation.

Elements Media Library – For file-based workflows, automated ingest and proxy generation for card/file-based media.

Tools On Air Ingest – system for SDI content-based capture.

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Linear Playout systems and Live Streaming

Trams work with Linear Playout and Live Streaming solutions for SDI and IP-based systems. The technology deployed for SDI and IP-based playout solutions revolves around the following products:

Tools On Air – Playout systems for real-time SDI content transmission.

Cinegy Air – IP and SDI-based studio and real-time playout and streaming engine.

Linear Playout solutions deployed are used for both traditional SDI distribution and IP streaming to Internet-based distribution points. Both on-premises and cloud-based playout solutions are provided with principal Customer Deliveries/Installations.

News bureau example of Ingest & Playout solution

Ingest and Playout Example
Workflow in the cloud

Modern media workflows are evolving. To meet the challenges of geographically distributed workgroups, quicker deadlines, and a greater number of ingest and delivery options, media production companies are re-evaluating their workflows to improve productivity and drive efficiency. With the cloud’s innate ability to connect distributed locations, many companies are considering adding cloud capabilities to their workflows.

Integrating a media workflow into the cloud can be daunting for many companies, which is why partnering with our team of experts, we will be able to provide a clear solution which will keep your content secure and improve efficiency.

Automation and Playout

Managing the growing complexity of playout, automation and file delivery is an increasing challenge to broadcasters. As the number of channels and platforms a broadcaster delivers rises, controlling that infrastructure is critical. Software-based solutions, with technologies such as high-density virtualisation and IP stream I/O, offer the possibility to consolidate complexity into bite-sized elements - particularly as more features can be added to collapse the length of the traditional broadcast chain.