IT Cash Back

The rental solution that helps optimise your financial ratios and secure your cash flow.

Cash is King! Having attainable revenue opens up numerous possibilities such as being able to adapt to a changing environment or investment into a new company project.

With the "Cash Back" facility from Trams|Econocom, you simply sell your assets to Econocom and immediately rent them back. You and your workforce continue to use the assets in the same way while releasing the cash previously tied up in the equipment. This injection of cash then provides extra working capital.

Why Choose CashBack?

    • Release the capital ‘trapped’ in your assets and deploy it back into your business.
    • Obtain immediate cash inflow to improve your balance sheet.
    • Enjoy a simple monthly fee for your digital equipment and full usage of your assets.
    • Strengthen your balance sheet and improve your key financial ratios.
    • Re-invest your cash back in core activities.
    • Bring the cost of your digital investment in line with the benefits it brings.
    • Gain a competitive advantage by becoming more agile.

    Cash Injection in 3 Easy Steps

    Initial Assessment

    • Defining the assets to sell
    • Qualifying the net book value

    Estate "Handed" Over

    • Lease contract signed
    • Assets sold to Econocom

    Rental Begins

    • Cash paid
    • Rent contract comes into force

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