the econocom group

The Econocom group is Europe’s first digital general contractor. It designs, finances and facilitates the digital transformation of large firms and public organisations.

Econocom is the
‘one digital company’

In 2021, Trams joined the Econocom Group to support its growth plans in the IT sector across the UK and Europe. Trams become part of the renowned Econocom Galaxy, which hosts numerous satellites.

Operating in 16 countries, Econocom is the only European Contractor to cover the full chain of digital business lines: equipment, services and financing.

Whatever the geographical scope of your project, Econocom support you from inception to completion and coordinates all aspects of your digital transformation.

As the digital business becomes increasingly complex, Econocom's goal is to help you make the right decisions, whether technological, financial or organisational. We ensure you make sustainable choices that meet the needs of your end users.

a unique mix of
complementary expertise

With its unique business model, Econocom covers the entire chain of expert fields, which helps organisations succeed with their digital transformation projects.


A one-stop shop for acquiring digital
products and solutions.


Services designed to ensure your digital
projects are user-oriented.


Unique and flexible as-a-service solutions
to spread costs over time.

Key Figures

three central values

Econocom's corporate culture and its commitment to creating an innovative environment for its customers are based on values that form the foundation of the company's actions, behaviour and success.


Enjoying the risk of entrepreneurship, striking out into uncharted territory, innovating.

It means being daring, overcoming your fear so you can build something useful.


It’s saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

It means moving forward together in the same direction, building, adjusting, growing.


It means moving swiftly to keep pace with our clients.

It requires prompt responses to our clients’ demands. It is learning from mistakes and always improving.

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