Professional Services

We have significant market knowledge in Corporate & M&E environments to architect cost-competitive and compelling solutions.

Introducing technological capabilities to build your success

Today’s businesses look to the IT Department to contribute to growth by innovation. From our extensive experience we understand the technological challenges companies face, and what’s expected from IT Teams.

Working collaboratively, we help define your strategies to deliver effective, practical and creative solutions. Solutions include:

  • Cloud provisioning and scaling
  • Application configuration management and orchestration
  • Key metrics collection and visualisation
  • Monitoring to generate notifications and alerts
  • Security and IDS
    • Discovery and business analysis
    • Product demonstrations and technical training
    • Market analysis and solution recommendations
    • Solution and proof of concept design
    • Proposals and quotations

    Media Storage Archive Solutions

    We have significant experience and are experts at designing and delivering storage solutions for media assets - from online, near line to archive. We work with hand-picked, complementary storage vendors, including Quantum, Object Matrix, GB Labs and Archiware as well as cloud vendor storage offerings from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google.

    We understand the unique requirements of storing media assets and delivering a robust and cost-effective storage infrastructure.

    Storage solutions we deploy and support range from compact, high-performance systems for small video edit workgroups to large, multi-tiered enterprise solutions for high-performance media sharing, backup, near line, and archive requirements on-premise and in the cloud.

    Cloud Storage

    Ingest & Playout

    We are able to integrate with any ingest or playout solution that a customer may have in place. Alternatively we recommend the ToolsOnAir Apple/Linux platform for ingest or playout needed for live or file delivery.

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    Media Processing & Workflow

    Our decades of experience around media workflows and their related business processes enables Trams | Econocom to solve complex problems using a variety of commercial and FOSS software tools.

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    Backup & Recovery

    If you lose data which hasn't been backed up, it is virtually impossible to retrieve and can cost your business time, money and resources.

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    Cloud Storage

    Trams | Econocom are experts in the field of content management. We can consult, build and install bespoke solutions or ready-made packages on private, public or hybrid storage.

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    As an independent company dealing with cutting-edge of technology, Trams | Econocom can provide an honest and impartial advice to those looking for expert IT guidance.

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    Data Storage

    In today’s world with content so important, finding the right data storage solutions is key. Trams | Econocom can steer you to the solution right for you.

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