World-class technology that protects your company against cyber threats using self-learning AI

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, delivers world-class technology that protects over 6,800 customers worldwide from advanced threats, including ransomware and cloud and SaaS attacks.

Darktrace’s entire product suite is powered by Self-Learning AI, a technology based on unsupervised machine learning. At its core, Self-Learning AI works by building an evolving understanding of your organisation from scratch, allowing it to identify subtle outliers indicative of threat.

Other tools rely on lists of historical, previously encountered cyber-attacks, Darktrace learns about your organisation by observing how users, devices, and applications typically behave, forming patterns and continuously revising its understanding in light of new evidence.

Protection of the Entire Digital Ecosystem

Darktrace protects the entire digital ecosystem – safeguarding users and data wherever they operate. Technologies that claim to offer holistic protection of the workforce are usually the product of bolting various point solutions together, but this cannot offer the level of defence that a fully integrated, autonomous AI system can.

Darktrace thrives on complexity, with more users, devices, and environments adding extra insights and depth to its capabilities. With this understanding constantly evolving as your business grows, Darktrace helps you to build cyber resilience over time.

Darktrace’s AI detects and responds to threats across the full range of cloud infrastructure and applications

Darktrace’s AI delivers protection across:

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • SaaS and collaboration platforms
  • Email systems
  • Industrial environments, ranging from nuclear power stations to car manufacturers
  • IoT environments, ranging from smart cities to global shipping
  • Data centres, whether traditional or virtualised
  • Endpoint devices, including remote workers on and off the VPN

Why Darktrace?

More than 7,500 organisations in over 100 countries rely on Self-Learning AI to protect their digital ecosystem, including cloud and SaaS, corporate networks and IoT, Operational Technologies and ICS, and email.

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Detects threats that others miss
Autonomous Response
Fights in-progress attacks 24/7
Protection Everywhere
Covers cloud, email, network, IoT, endpoints & OT
Augmented Intelligence
Saves up to 92% of security analysts’ time

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