Trams | Econocom is an award-winning specialist in delivering technological solutions for businesses. With decades of experience, we offer personalised IT advice, products and services to help your organisation move to the next level.

Those that already deal with Trams | Econocom see us as the best-kept secret in the market. Our unique resources, knowledge and experience mean we excel in adhering to strict KPIs; we thrive on servicing clients that require immediate response and attention.

Look through the solutions we can help you with or contact us to discuss your company's requirements.

Trams took the time to understand our needs and the goals we wanted to achieve. Their time and expertise meant they were able to deliver the ideal set-up, which they installed, trained our staff on, and will support into the future.

David Wright, Managing Director - Canis Television & Media

Apple Device Management

Managed Device Management to unleash the true power of your business. Remotely control your Apple devices with one easy solution.

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Backup & Recovery

If you lose data which hasn't been backed up, it is virtually impossible to retrieve and can cost your business time, money and resources.

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Cloud Storage

Trams | Econocom are experts in the field of content management. We can consult, build and install bespoke solutions or ready-made packages on private, public or hybrid storage.

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Data Storage

In today’s world with content so important, finding the right data storage solutions is key. Trams | Econocom can steer you to the solution right for you.

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As an independent company dealing with cutting-edge of technology, Trams | Econocom can provide an honest and impartial advice to those looking for expert IT guidance.

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Financial Services

Trams works with numerous lenders and technical vendors to provide financial assistance to customers, so you can keep your workforce productive without the company incurring huge upfront investment costs.

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Hybrid Storage

With Hybrid Cloud you receive the best of both worlds by having high scalability without increasing costs.

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Ingest & Playout

When it comes to Ingest & Playout, there is no-one better equipped to meet your requirements. From editing to delivering the final footage, we have all the software and hardware you need.

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Media Asset Management

Our approach is focused on putting your audience first. We believe beautiful content should be front and centre of everything.

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Professional Services

We have significant market knowledge in Corporate & M&E environments to architect cost-competitive and compelling solutions.

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Life Cycle Management

Trams provides ongoing services to support the complete lifecycle of your IT deployments, providing you with peace of mind and leaving you to concentrate on your company growth.

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Technology plays a huge part in our business lifestyle, which means when something goes wrong, it can be critical to get the device repaired as soon as possible.

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Secure your company and customer data by building a network which can deter and stop hackers.

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Smart Business

SmartBusiness is Trams Device-as-a-Service which provides the latest technology combined with a Device Management Solution

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Source & Deploy

Trams is an industry leader with its knowledgeable and efficient procurement system.

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Cost-effective support to lower risk and safeguard core IT services and projects.

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Virtualisation using VMWare vSphere enables you to create a powerful, flexible and secure foundation for your business.

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Workflow Automation

Our approach is to remove complexity for you allowing you to focus on serving your content to your audience. We believe beautiful content should be front and centre of everything.

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