Trams Tech-as-a-Service is an all-inclusive solution that combines hardware, software and IT services into a single package, in a simple subscription plan.

Companies who keep old hardware or utilise outdated software are inadvertently wasting time and money. The decrease of employee productivity and increased IT support is an unseen cost which companies cannot afford to ignore.

With Trams Tech-as-a-Service solutions you can increase efficiency and profitability by taking on our turnkey management and technology acquisition into one. And the best thing, is you can scale up or down throughout the course of your subscription term, to deal with.

Refresh IT Cycle

Gain access to the latest technology sooner and keep your employees engaged. A PwC survey showed that 78% of millennials believe that having access to the technology they like at work makes them more effective in their job. Keep your employees equipped with the latest devices and software and benefit from a productive workforce.

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IT Service

Whether as an extension to your current IT Department or as your sole provider, Trams can provide you with expert day-to-day Support. With our strong vendor relationships, operational strengths and skillful engineers we are the perfect partners to provide and support.

Flexible Subscriptions

As your workload changes, we can work with you to scale your subscription up or down. This allows you to react to customer projects and ensure you don’t miss out on the next big deal!


As an independent company dealing with cutting-edge of technology, Trams | Econocom can provide an honest and impartial advice to those looking for expert IT guidance.

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Life Cycle Management

Trams provides ongoing services to support the complete lifecycle of your IT deployments, providing you with peace of mind and leaving you to concentrate on your company growth.

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Smart Business

SmartBusiness is Trams Device-as-a-Service which provides the latest technology combined with a Device Management Solution

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