London Symphony Orchestra

The London Symphony Orchestra needed to meet demands for more content and improve the way in which they shared information.


The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) had a growing requirement to produce more and more video content across the organisation. The rapidly increasing catalogue of media files, especially with the education department delivering audio and video files reaching over 60,000 people each year. LSO approached Trams | Econocom to assist with the build of a Cantemo Portal to maximise the efficiency of a growing demand.

Company Profile

The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading orchestras. Its many activities include an energetic and ground-breaking education and community programme, LSO Live, a music education centre, and pioneering work in the field of digital music. It was the first British orchestra owned by its players, and its fiercely independent ethos has never waned.

Project Background

The increase in video use has, of course, led to a growing catalogue of video files, with people from throughout the organisation needing to gain access to the video for a wide variety of uses. NMR put in place a Cantemo Portal which provided access to all files in one single location, along with integration with Final Cut Pro X.

The Challenge
  • Increase in demand for audio and video files
  • Current LSO was split across two sites, which meant completed media was being sent via a non-secure link
  • 60,000 people per year accessing music and video educational files
The Solution
  • Installed and launched Cantemo Portal
  • Integration with Final Cut Pro X
  • Videos could be organised and managed across the chain; creation to distribution
The Results
  • All assets, collections of assets and projects can be accessed via a one-click process
  • The web Portal can import files into Final Cut Pro
  • Process significantly smoother
  • An offline mode allowing users to access media files when working remotely.
  • One Portal provides more security on media files
  • Easy-to-use User Interface
"Introducing Cantemo Portal has revolutionised the way we manage video creation, editing, and distribution within the London Symphony Orchestra, making the process much more seamless and efficient."

Chris Rogers, Digital Projects Manager, London Symphony Orchestra