PMA Production

PMA Production were taken to the next level with Trams storage and workflow solutions


PMA Production is an independent video production company, whose data storage and backup requirements had reached a tipping point.

They were looking for a partner that could deliver them the kind of solution and also provide support to take their business to the next level and allow them to grow organically. With hi-res and 4K on the horizon there were lots of factors to take in, so whoever took this on had to be able to create a modern solution with room to expand.

Company Profile

PMA Production was founded in 2005 by Pip Ayers and has been growing happily ever since. Drawing on his background in cinema and in marketing, Pip built a company that reacted to what he believed: that good people working well together makes for great work. And we bring that approach to everything we do: Electronic Press Kits, DVD and Blu-Ray content, online campaigns and press junkets. It’s about happy people. It’s about happy clients. It’s about raising the bar and keeping it high.

Project Background

Visual content is becoming an increasingly important aspect in today’s world. This means video production companies must keep ahead of the curve to adapt to the latest developments such as HDR and 4k. PMA Production wanted to make sure their files were secure whilst enlarging the data storage. Following a consultation with Trams, PMA Production achieved their desired solution which was also installed and supported.

The Challenge
  • Fast reliable shared storage with room to expand in future.
  • Archive and backup of existing data.
  • Ability to access and recover backups quickly when projects required for submission often years later.
  • Help with relocation and upgrade of office.
  • Solution that fitted into a small environment and kept noise to a minimum.
  • Local support with a fast turnaround.
The Solution
  • Consultancy.
  • Delivery of cabling and network infrastructure ready for office move.
  • Installation of TBox and Quantum Backup Solution in sound-proof cabinet.
  • Setup/Testing of phone system and office network.
  • Installation and imaging of all user Mac’s with links to fast storage and backup.
  • Training for employees on new workflow and setup.
  • Support implementation.
The Results
  • Fast shared storage to 8 users editing video.
  • Professional Backup solution with disaster recovery strategy.
  • Archiving solution to archive completed projects to tape for long term storage.
  • Secure network with edge-of-network anti-virus scanning and intrusion prevention.
  • Scalable wireless network.
  • Ultra-quiet setup with self-extracting housing with fans.
  • Modern reliable office and working environment.
“Security and speed are of paramount importance in our industry, so the system had to be just right. Trams listened to us, worked closely with us, and everything from the installation to the after-sales has been painless and prompt.”
Pip Ayers, Founder - PMA Production