Vubiquity is a linear and VOD content distribution, monetization and analytics company operating within the US, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America across TV, PC, mobile and tablet devices.

Trams has recently supplied Vubiquity with StorNext Lattus object storage and is at present actively engaged with Vubiquity on several key projects. These projects include the re-design of their content workflow to maximise performance, a revolutionary new transcode platform which will massively increase Vubiquity's capacity to transcode faster than real-time and a project to upgrade their tape archive capacity to LTO7, significantly increasing performance, capacity and recoverability.

Trams’ many years of experience with both the StorNext Filesystem and StorNext Storage Manager made Trams an obvious candidate for Vubiquity to help and support their growth. It is planned that Trams' system design in London will form a template for Vubiquity business outlets worldwide.