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Working with the latest technologies from our industry partners means we can deliver academic and education institutions with high performance, robust and flexible computer networks that are scalable and easy to manage.

School and University Networks

Trams|Econocom understands the importance placed on wired and wireless network speeds to keep your students and staff happy. Our Technical Education Team can discuss your IT and classroom goals and provide recommendations on the design, installation, upgrade and ongoing support.

Our top-tier partnerships with the leading IT manufacturers mean we can deliver the latest and best solutions for academic and education institutions, with the renowned customer-centric service of Trams.

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Storage and Backup

For those looking to embrace the cloud 100%, utilise it for the first time or as a hybrid landscape, Trams|Econocom is the ideal partner to collaborate with. We understand the need to store your documentation in a secure and accessible location that is scalable for projects or changes within the workplace dynamic.

We also have a history of assisting schools and companies with backup procedures and software solutions, should the unthinkable happen.

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Cybersecurity for Educational Institutions

Looking for cyber security? We can deliver an all-in-one cybersecurity to create a safe learning environment for primary, secondary and higher education institutions. Whether your students or faculty are working on-campus, remotely or via the cloud they can conduct their work with peace of mind.

Cyber-security solutions include artificial intelligence that learns your IT environment and the “normal” day-to-day tech usage to detect irregular events within the network and stop them from causing issues.

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Software Licensing

Manage your licenses in one place, with one contact. Whether you are already purchasing licenses for platforms such as Google and Microsoft or you’re looking for the first time, Trams|Econocom is your one-stop IT Reseller!

Our Technical Education Team will work with you to analyse your current usage and work with you to purchase, manage and maintain the most cost-effective plan available.

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End-Point Devices

We understand the importance technology plays within the education sector and have worked with all types of educational institutions over the last few decades to deliver a modern classroom.

Working alongside the UK’s leading manufacturers means our team are knowledgeable on every device available in the market… recommending the technology to suit your needs.

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Interactive technology

Investing in interactive technology for the classroom opens new opportunities for both staff and students. Whether searching for a VR headset for each class, collaborative screens for individual or group projects or the latest Sphero coding robot, Trams|Econocom can help.

Together we can create an exceptional learning environment to promote curiosity and personal development.

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Extended IT Team

For decades Trams|Econocom have been an extension of a school’s IT Team, benefitting from our dedicated education department which is trained and skilled in helping each institute. Our team can assist with:

  • IT Support
  • Installation
  • Life-cycle Management
  • Security
  • Much more

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