Acer Chromebook Tab 10

With the combination of planned support for Google Expeditions AR2 and easy administration, students and staff have a better experience.

The Acer Chromebook Tab 10 is the ideal entry level tablet for teaching and learning both at school and remotely from home.

  • Breathtakingly crisp 2048x1536 QXGA resolution
  • Google Expeditions AR
  • Built-in Google ARCore
  • Chrome OS
  • Wacom® EMR Pen
  • Supports the Kaligo Handwriting app
  • Video conferencing via Zoom and other apps
  • Managed by Chrome Management Console

    Picture-Perfect Resolution

    The Chrometab delivers top of the line image quality in breathtakingly crisp 2048x1536 QXGA resolution.

    Write Naturally

    With fast and accurate control, and a natural writing experience the Wacom® technology pen provides unsurpassed usability.

    Polished Performance

    Chrome OS’s streamlined delivery gives fast operation, enhanced security, intuitive use and a long battery life.

    Bring the World into the Classroom

    Stare into the eye of a hurricane or get up close with a strand of DNA. Google Expeditions AR, helps teachers bring the world into the classroom to engage students with immersive lessons.

    Get Into the Core

    Shape brand new augmented reality experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds with ARCore apps.

    Easy Management

    Manage and control 10s, 100s, and even 1000s of Chromebooks, Chrome tabs and Chromebooks with ease using a single web-based management console.

    Wacom® EMR Pen

    EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) pens get their accuracy by measuring the signal strength at several points along the screens’ sensor and performing on-the-fly calculations to determine precisely where the pen is located, as well as when and how hard the pen tip is pressed down.

    Google Expeditions

    Expeditions AR uses Google’s AR technology to map the physical classroom and place 3D objects. Students can walk all around the objects, get in close to spot details, and step back to see the full picture.

    All Day Productivity

    With a battery life of up to 10-hours1, your device is designed to stay at your side for the entirety of the day.

    1Battery life varies depending on product configuration, power settings and usage, among other factors.

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