Kaligo Handwriting Application

Enhance handwriting teaching methods by using tablets and styluses in the classroom. Create lesson plans, monitor student progression and review each child’s work in our dedicated space for teachers.

Kaligo at School

Kaligo for School is designed to teach children between 3-8 years old how to write using a tablet and stylus.

Teachers can now enhance their handwriting teaching methods in the classroom with a dedicated space to create lesson plans, monitor individual progress and review each child’s work.

Handwriting Stroke Analysis

A self-paced, auto-corrective approach which allows students to progress at their own speed according to their own ability.

Review, Revise, Correct

The AI machine learning provides real-time corrective feedback. Kaligo provides Instant remediation!

Individual Monitoring

Each stroke is analysed based upon shape, direction and order, whilst the Kaligo cloud stores data for later analysis.

Personalised Lesson Plans

Teachers can customise exercise sequences for individual students with the ability to save lesson plans for future use.

9 Handwriting Exercises

Kaligo's Department for Education handwriting application allows teachers to adapt the handwriting exercises to match the handwriting scheme deployed in their school. Kaligo enables exercises to be differentiated to meet the needs of all students.

I can write in capital letters
I can write in lower-case letters
I can write in pre-cursive

I can write in cursive style
I can write numbers
I can control my pencil pressure

I practise tracing lines
I know my shapes and can outline them
I can identify different letters and words

Kaligo Cloud

Designed to provide Teachers and Students access anywhere in the World, Kaligo's Department for Education-approved application will enable students to continue their handwriting development outside of the classroom.

Teachers will be able to take advantage of the following features:

Cloud Admin

Create Teachers and Students
You will be able to create, edit and delete Teachers and Students within the Cloud. Make sure to select whether the student is right or left handed! Why not customise your profiles with our emoji avatars?

Create Classes and Year Groups
Within the Kaligo Cloud portal, you will be able to assign Teachers and Students to specific Classes and Year Groups. Monitor and transfer the progress of Students as they climb through the year groups.

Lesson Planning

Customisable Lesson Planning
Create, edit and delete lesson plans and exercises using the Kaligo Cloud. Tailor the Kaligo app to match your handwriting scheme with our customisable letter choices. Set lessons for classrooms, working groups or individual students.

Curriculum Aligned Exercises
Our 9 curriculum aligned handwriting exercises have been designed to match the learning outcomes of each year group in Early Years and Primary Education.

Remote Learning

Kaligo Homework
You will be able to create homework for Students to complete at home with the Kaligo app. Homework is automatically synced with all the Students' tablets, with automatic Student Monitoring so that Teachers can monitor the Students' progress.

Learn anywhere in the World
With the Kaligo Cloud, Teachers and Students can now use Kaligo anywhere in the World. With an increase in remote learning, ensure that your Students can practise their handwriting anywhere and at any time.

Student Monitoring

Instant Feedback
As a Teacher using the Kaligo app or Cloud portal you will be able to assess Students’ progress with replayable real-time feedback, with analysis based on shape, direction and order. Monitor classrooms, working groups or individual students.

Share progress
With the help of the Kaligo Cloud, you will now be able to share a Student's progress with fellow Teachers, Teaching Assistants and English Leads. Why not share the students’ great progress with their parents too?

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