Cyber Security Forum

Join Trams and Darktrace as they discuss the latest in cyber threats and how cyber security is adjusting

The threat landscape in 2023 means it’s harder than ever to base a security strategy around predicting the attackers’ next move.

Hackers and ransomware operators are continually looking at new ways to penetrate your working environment. And with an evolving threat – how can you know what is coming next? This is where AI can help!

Self-learning AI understands your business, building a picture of the normal behaviour of an organisation to identify even the most subtle deviations that are indicative of an attack. Join Trams and Darktrace on 20th April as they discuss real-life scenarios on how companies protect themselves with the latest AI cyber security.



15:00 – 15:15


15:15 – 15:45

What is the Cyber Threat Landscape for 2023-2024?

This talk will look at the cyber risks companies will face globally over the next two years.

  • Attacker Tradecraft Focus on Identity and MFA
  • Continued ‘Hacktivism’ from non-state actors complicates cyber attribution and security strategies
  • Crypto-Jacking Neglect Gets Dangerous
  • Ransomware Rushes to the Cloud
  • Recession Requires CISOs and Security Leaders to get Frank with the Board about Proactive Security
    • What are the driving questions security leaders can ask of themselves and their teams to prepare for these challenges?
    • A look at how Darktrace customers are equipped to fight these challenges with self-learning AI.

15:45 – 16:15

Discussion about current experiences and perspectives

  • Providing attendees the chance to understand how others are mitigating the cyber challenges of today
  • What challenges are your company currently facing, and how is your company dealing with them?
  • Do you feel secure? Are there areas in which you feel in need of improvement?

16:15 – 17:00

Case studies of real-world threat detections and responses

Elliot Stocker and Tim Kingston will present real-life scenarios of how self-learning AI has stopped these kind of threats in the wild.




  • Ransomware is faster and more sophisticated than ever and is now targeting 3rd party cloud providers
  • Zero-trust architecture like multi-factor authentication can no longer be relied upon on its own – see the recent Uber attack, in which MFA was compromised
  • Increased cloud migration sees flexibility and availability being prioritised over security everywhere, leading to vastly expanded attack surfaces
  • Insurance and compliance will only get organisations so far – witness the Colonial Pipeline attack to understand that insurance cannot compensate for long-term business disruption and reputational damage. Operational security is now being seen as an explicit driver of ROI, rather than a box-ticking insurance exercise



Date: 20th April 2023
: Darktrace Office, 80 Strand, London WC2R 0BP
: 3pm to 5pm
: Full agenda and details to follow.

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