Dell & Trams at Outernet

Join us for an immersive media and creative event

Outernet is an immersive entertainment district in the heart of London where communities come together to enjoy culture in breathtaking new ways.

Built on Dell Technologies Object Core storage with a primary high-performance Dell NVMe front end, Outernet delivers an immersive cultural and brand experience like never seen before!

Video on Spaces In-Between, part of the Outernet District

Join us to hear how a core Object platform can form the primary repository and so-called source of truth for your media and data; how just enough high-performance file-based storage at the edge can satisfy the most demanding creative teams and applications; and how an isolated and protected copy of your content can provide extra reassurance and be an additional tool at your disposal in your defence against the cyber attackers.

Date: 2nd November 2023
Time: 3 pm to 6 pm
Location: Outernet, London

Plus listen to Pixel Artworks present on the World-first MR immersive butterfly trail.

Immersive experience studio Pixel Artworks has created The Butterfly Trail, a mixed reality experience with world-first technology features. The Butterfly Trail will guide visitors through explorer Professor Peter Pelegrin’s Botanical Workshop and into his Glass House, where they can interact with the experience without the need for a special device, headset or downloaded mobile app – just the browser on their smartphone.

Agenda - 2nd November

3 pm to 3:15 pm


3:15 pm to 4:15 pm

Keynote - Jad Zouein, Director of Creative and Media Technologies, Outernet
IT challenges delivering the World’s first 8k screen and an immersive entertainment district in the heart of London. Security implications, backup and high performance are just the tip of the iceberg of IT for the Outernet complex.

4:15 pm to 4:45 pm

Simon Haywood, Field CTO, Dell Media & Entertainment - EMEA
Modern workflows and architectures are increasingly defined by the emerging concept of “Performance Edge, Distributed Core and Protected Backup”.

In recent times, a monolithic file-based repository satisfied the diverse needs of many media organisations. In today’s world of a distributed workforce, orchestrated computing, modern applications – and a shift in approach towards public and private cloud – a new paradigm is emerging.

4:45pm to 5:15pm

Gavin MacArthur, Senior Creative Director, Pixel Artworks
From concept to creation: Pixel Artworks will provide a rare insight into the hybrid collaboration when creating the content for Outernet and provide a deeper understanding of how they created a new and exciting innovation, The Butterfly Trail, the latest magical mixed reality experience.

5:15 pm onwards

Tour of Outernet Immersive District followed by Drinks and Canapés at the Private Room, Dial8 at Thirteen.

Expert Speakers

Jad Zouein, Director of Creative and Media Technologies, Outernet

Jad Zouein is a seasoned real-time technology leader, with over two decades of expertise.

As Outernet London's Director of Creative and Media Technologies, Jad guides a high-performance creative tech team to turn into an industry leader. Jad joined Outernet in its infancy, worked on solution design, CG pipeline, content creation and tech sustainability, to launch one of the most exciting immersive experiential spaces worldwide.

Jad's industry experience starts with media communications and design, and spans broadcast and live events, with real-time being the golden thread throughout.

Simon Hayward, CTO at Dell Media & Creative

Simon Haywood, Field CTO, Dell Media & Entertainment - EMEA

Simon Haywood is the Dell EMC CTO for Media and Entertainment in EMEA - focusing on workflows, solutions and outcomes for customers across the region. He brings to the role experience of diverse challenges from across the industry, and a natural familiarity with the product portfolio of Dell EMC.

Simon has extensive industry experience - specialising in media asset management, content creation, real-time operations and news and sports - working with vendors and partners from across the globe to design, validate and optimise solutions.

Before joining the Dell EMC team, Simon worked for both the BBC and ITN in the United Kingdom and was an independent broadcast consultant working on several projects across the globe. Simon has designed and implemented solutions for large multi-channel news operations, has architected innovative workflows to enable geo-dispersed news-gathering teams, and has supported environments ranging from educational institutions to major broadcasters, to online video portals.


Gavin MacArthur, Senior Creative Director, Pixel Artworks

Gavin is the creative mind behind The Butterfly Trail and has over 13 years of experience in bringing ideas to life. During his time at immersive experience studio Pixel Artworks Gavin has specialised in projection mapping, working on complex and extraordinary briefs for the likes of Concorde, Faberge and The Macallan. A hands-on creative, Gavin is involved from concept to delivery and still practices the craft of design, often sketching out full concepts. As an early member of the Pixel Artworks team, he helped pioneer projection mapping as the technique entered into the advertising industry and revolutionised experiences.


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Date: 2nd November
Time: 3 pm to 8 pm
Location: Outernet, London

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