Employee Choice with Apple

Prepare your organisation for employee choice

Provide employees with an unparalleled user experience on Mac

Today, employers are empowering workforces to decide how they want to work and providing them with the tools to make them most productive. Mac continues to lead the industry in customer satisfaction for both end users and IT Teams making choice programmes common practice.

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Why Mac for Business?

Incredible power - M1, M2 and M3 bring incredible performance to business users. Whether performing everyday tasks or using intensive pro apps, employees can do it all on Mac, faster than ever.

Powerful platform for apps - macOS provides great support for common third-party business apps, which ensures that employees can be productive with the apps they already use. And now M1 includes the ability to run iPhone and iPad apps for the first time.

Seamless experience across devices - Because employees already know how to use iPhone and iPad, they’ll be comfortable with a Mac in no time.

Built-in security - macOS includes key security technologies that protect corporate data and integrate within secure networking environments.

Zero-touch deployment - Devices can be deployed from anywhere, without needing IT to manually configure them.

Reliability and longevity - Mac is extremely reliable and built to last. Based on the new 2021 Forrester TEI study, Mac can save up to $843 per Mac deployed over three years compared to a PC.

The Mac Adoption Journey

It is important to build a strong foundation for success with Mac at your workplace. Organisational transformation is a journey but understanding which stage of adoption maturity your organisation is in is the first step towards offering Mac freely to employees when they join or when it is time to refresh. The document will provide:

  • How to overcome blockers that may be preventing your workplace from progressing along this journey
  • Why it’s important to build a deeper strategy for Mac adoption
  • Best practices that create greater value and bring the far-reaching benefits of Mac to your workforce
  • How to bridge the gaps between each stage of the process.

Whether deploying Apple products for the first time, or expanding an existing estate, our dedicated team of consultants have expertise across the enterprise, mid-market, and public sectors to deliver effective Apple management strategies, tailored to the needs of your organisation. Our Readiness Review is designed to help you prepare for your next Mac deployment and set your organisation up for success with Mac as you progress towards offering Mac as a Choice.

Mac Integration Review


  • Learn proven best practices for Mac deployment and management
  • Gain an understanding of your current environment and identify technical concerns before they become a problem
  • Understand how potential risk factors, core architecture needs, and workflow refinements can be addressed
  • Drive employee enablement and productivity by enabling more users with Mac

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Mac Readiness Review is a technical evaluation of an organisation's management infrastructure, systems, security, and workflows to assess the readiness to introduce or deploy further Mac devices.

This service identifies performance and configuration improvements and offers solutions to enable seamless Mac deployment and management.

With enterprise, mid-market, and education-specific expertise we provide the industry insights and specialist knowledge of the Apple ecosystem to support customer needs and enable a great experience to be delivered for users.

Through our experience of introducing Mac into the workplace, Trams|Econocom has uncovered five pillars to evaluate an organisation's capacity to support Mac at scale. Download Now.

  • Integration, Provisioning and Deployment
  • Identity Management
  • Ongoing Management
  • Content Distribution
  • Security

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