Empowering Women: Celebrating International Women's Day

On Wednesday 6th March, our Director of TMF Sales, Jan Dhamrait, had the privilege of attending an inspiring reception in the Members' Lounge, where she had the opportunity to hear from the talented Elizabeth Hawthornthwaite, Founder of Elizabeth & Wine.

The event, ahead of International Women's Day, brought together women from diverse industries, highlighting the progress and potential for greater female representation.

Elizabeth's insights into the world of wine underscored both the strides made and the opportunities that lie ahead. Despite being the preferred alcoholic beverage for women in the UK, the representation of women in wine-making and sommelier roles remains modest. Recent statistics reveal that only 17% of winemakers and 20% of sommeliers in the UK are female, indicating room for growth and empowerment.

This disparity mirrors similar challenges faced by women in other industries. In the tech sector, for instance, women constitute only about 25% of computing jobs globally, with even fewer in leadership roles. Similarly, in finance, while progress has been made, women remain underrepresented, particularly in higher-ranking positions.

However, rather than dwell on the gaps, events like these serve as catalysts for change. They remind us of the incredible talent and resilience of women, and the power of collective action to break down barriers.

International Women's Day serves as a beacon of positivity, celebrating the achievements of women while galvanising efforts to create a more equitable future. As we mark this day, let us not only acknowledge how far we've come but also recommit ourselves to the journey ahead.

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"Together, we can build a world where women are empowered to thrive in every sector"

Jan Dhamariat

Head of Technology Financing & Management,
Econocom UK & IRL Sales & Strategy Director UK & IRL