Forrester TEI Mac in Enterprise Report

In 2021, Apple asked Forrester to update the previous Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to include the impact of the Apple M1 chip on enterprise Mac deployments. The purpose of the study is to provide customers with a framework for evaluating the potential financial impact of deploying Mac – including Mac with M1 computers.

Key Takeaways

For this study, Forrester interviewed decision makers from 10 global organisations across various industries and combined the results into a single composite organisation. All organisations have experience deploying both M1-based and non-M1-based Mac computers. The study found that for the customers surveyed, Mac reduces overall computer costs and improves both security and the employee experience. Here are some key findings from the study, which reflect the three-year financial analysis associated with the composite organisation:

Forrester TEI of Mac in Enterprise Report
$843Over a three-year period, the total savings of Mac is $843 less than PC on a per-computer basis.
50%Reduced likelihood of a data breach per Mac compared to a PC is 50%.
20%Employees using Mac have a 20% increase in retention and 5% increase in productivity.

Forrester also analysed the impact of Apple silicon by focusing specifically on Mac with M1 computers and the additional value they bring to organisations. Forrester interviewed five customers, then calculated the three-year costs and benefits of Mac with M1 compared to Intel-based Mac computers and comparable PCs for a composite organisation. Overall findings indicated that customers were able to leverage the additional power and performance of M1 at a lower price point to expand their Mac user base to new teams and roles. Customers also experienced real benefits from compatibility between iOS apps and M1 Macs. These benefits brought Mac computers in line with PCs when considering the most economical baseline computer for employees.