iPad in Local Government

Modernising Local Government Services with iPads

Local government is responsible for the vital services that our communities rely on, from social care and schools to housing and planning.

With more than one million people working in local government, and providing more than 800 different services, technology has a huge impact on the productivity of employees and the quality of service received by the public.

When government employees rely on outdated and manual processes or solutions that don’t solve users’ needs inefficiencies, delays and added hidden costs are created.

Carefully rethinking how employees do their work and giving them the right tools can help employees to be more productive and improve the level of service to the public.

Empowering government workers with the right tools and technology simultaneously improves efficiency and employee morale, creating benefits for local communities whose needs can be met more quickly.

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With the right apps, iPad can be deployed to improve fieldwork processes. Councils with a large field workforce can replace multiple tools with one device to streamline the collection of information. With more efficient processes, employees can stay in the field longer, improving the quality of service they provide.


iPad helps employees remain productive wherever their work takes them. iPad brings the power of desktop computing to a portable device that users are familiar with and enjoy using.

Digitising local government processes will improve the efficiency of admin and take a closer step to a net-zero environment with the removal of paper and unnecessary travel. Workers can access popular tools on iPad, commonly used by local government, such as Microsoft Office, Teams and Box.

Training and Development

iPad is a powerful tool for meeting the training needs of individuals and teams, from the onboarding of new employees to ongoing compliance training. Training programmes delivered with iPad make it easier to evaluate the effectiveness of the training.

Advances in mobile technologies, machine learning and cloud computing are creating new opportunities for Learning and Development teams to integrate training into every employee's working day.

iPad Air with Pencil

Library Lending Scheme

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Library Lending is a solution that gives local authorities the ability to empower their communities by helping more people access and benefit from technology.

Due to its usability and compact design, iPad is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool. Councils are seeing the far-reaching benefits of making iPad available on loan to individuals, pre-set with the required apps and web links to assist them, all managed and secured by Jamf.

Uses include:

  • Providing access to local services
  • Overcoming isolation
  • Health and wellbeing support
  • Enriching lives for people with little experience using technology
  • Helping job seekers find employment

With greater access to online resources, job seekers in the local community can develop CV writing skills, pick up tips for successful interviews and increase their chances of landing a job that’s right for them.

Why iPad & Trams|Econocom

Deploying new technology can seem like a great undertaking.
At Trams|Econocom we help build solutions that are reliable, secure, and meet the unique needs of your organisation.

What are the benefits?

  • The right tools help to build a more productive and efficient workforce
  • Solutions to make iPad easy to deploy and manage at scale
  • Technology that is secure and reliable
  • Streamlined, customisable device setup
  • Centralised purchase and distribution of content
  • Non-removable MDM enrolment so iPad can be remotely locked and located if necessary

DOWNLOAD our guide on the top 6 reasons for choosing iPad.

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