Mac Integration Review

Provide employees with an unparalleled user experience on Mac

Expert recommendations for Mac deployment and management workflows, tailored to your organisation.

Design a working environment for all employees to work with the technology they prefer and benefit from their increased productivity.

The Mac Integration Review is a single day technical evaluation of an organisation's management infrastructure, systems, security and workflows to assesses and provide recommendations on how to introduce Mac into the workplace or improve on the deployment of your Mac estate throughout the company.


  • Learn proven best practices for Mac deployment and management.
  • Gain an understanding of your current environment and identify technical concerns before they become a problem.
  • Understand how potential risk factors, core architecture needs, and workflow refinements can be addressed.
  • Drive employee enablement and productivity by enabling more users with Mac.

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For a limited time, Trams is offering a FREE2 Mac Integration Review. Allowing you to receive recommendations on how to deploy Mac into your workplace with no initial costs. Helping you to evaluate your infrastructure and make informed decisions.

Mac in Business

Organisations are seeing a sharp rise in demand for Apple devices in the enterprise, led by employee needs. For the new generation coming into the workplace, along with those who grew up in the digital era, it is becoming vital for companies to develop a strategy to attract talent and retain an engaged and productive workforce. This includes the technology they use on a daily basis.

  • Incredible power - M1, M2 and M3 bring incredible performance to business users. Whether performing everyday tasks or using intensive pro apps, employees can do it all on Mac, faster than ever.
  • Powerful platform for apps - macOS provides great support for common third-party business apps, which ensures that employees can be productive with the apps they already use. And now M1 includes the ability to run iPhone and iPad apps for the first time.
  • Seamless experience across devices - Because employees already know how to use iPhone and iPad, they’ll be comfortable with a Mac in no time.
  • Built-in security - macOS includes key security technologies that protect corporate data and integrate within secure networking environments.
  • Zero-touch deployment - Devices can be deployed from anywhere, without needing IT to manually configure them.
  • Reliability and longevity - Mac is extremely reliable and built to last. From attention to detail in design to rigorous testing and high-quality materials, Apple's engineers and designers work hard to create products that are not only beautiful but also reliable and durable.

Forrester study of Mac TCO in enterprise — M1 update

A study commissioned by Apple and delivered by Forrester Consulting shows that, over a three-year life cycle, there is an overall cost saving of $843* for Mac compared with a PC.

Forrester Report 2021

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What is the Mac Integration Review?

The Review is a technical evaluation of an organisations management infrastructure, systems, security, and workflows. The aim is to assess your current ability to adopt a deployment process and employee choice programme. We will identify performance and configuration improvements and offers solutions to enable seamless Mac deployment and management.

Whether deploying Apple products for the first time, or expanding an existing estate, our dedicated team of consultants have expertise across enterprise, mid-market, and public sectors to deliver effective Apple management strategies, tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Our Mac Integration Review is designed to help you prepare for your next Mac deployment and set your organisation up for success with Mac by evaluating numerous IT areas.

  • Device Deployment and Management
  • Directory Service and SSO
  • Endpoint and Platform Security
  • Networking and Infrastructure
  • Help Desk and Support

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Process of the Mac Integration Review

Upon receiving a request for a Mac Integration Review to be conducted, your dedicated Account Manager will book in a suitable time with the Technical Team.

The Trams|Econocom Technical Team will utilise their skills and knowledge across Apple, Apple Business Manager and Apple Managed Device Management to analyse your network and complete IT setup.

The following process will be followed:

  • Technical Consultant is booked for Mac Integration Review
  • Mac Integration Review completed at agreed time and location*
  • Feature rich report is shared with customer including recommendations.
  • Follow up call do discuss outcomes.

Why Trams|Econocom?

Trams is an Apple Authorised Reseller. With the above accreditation, we are well placed to provide expert advice including information on the different products, systems integration, Apps and much more.

With decades of experience with Apple and IT infrastructures in the enterprise and mid-market sectors, Trams|Econocom have a trusted history of complex Apple ecosystem. We help organisations to accelerate the adoption of Apple technology and pride ourselves on delivering value at every stage of the device lifecycle, from pre-deployment consultancy to eventual end-of-life buyback and recycling.

Our background and knowledge means we by-pass distributors for auto-enrolment and deal with your zero-touch deployment first-hand, making us the ideal partner for customers wanting greater control on their Apple estate.

Book Free Mac Integration Review

For a limited time, Trams is offering a FREE2 Mac Integration Review. Allowing you to receive recommendations on how to deploy Mac into your workplace with no initial costs. Helping you to evaluate your infrastructure and make informed decisions.


1. We aim to conduct every Mac Integration Review in person at client’s office. If we’re unable to do this, it will be conducted over a video call.

2. The cost of the Mac Integration Review is normally priced at £1,195 for Enterprise and £995 for Education but will be free-of-charge to qualifying companies. Subject to availability on first come, first served basis.