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Thank you for registering to attend the multi-media channel event from Dell Technologies and Trams|Econocom at Outernet, London.

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Time: 15:00 to 20:00 (3 pm to 8 pm)
Date: 2nd November
Location: Outernet, London
Map: Click here for location on Google Maps

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Outernet London


Award Winning IT Reseller

For decades, Trams|Econocom has strategically nurtured and cultivated invaluable vendor relationships, positioning itself as a top-tier partner with some of the world's most innovative technology companies.

As a distinguished Dell Titanium Partner, our capabilities span the spectrum, encompassing both off-the-shelf and tailor-made infrastructure and storage solutions.

Whether your needs revolve around cutting-edge machine learning solutions, building a robust disaster recovery infrastructure, harnessing the power of cloud services, streamlining workflows through automation, or any other facet of IT services, Trams | Econocom stands ready as your ideal partner.

Our distinctive background in media and entertainment, coupled with our abundant resources, deep knowledge, and extensive experience, uniquely equips us to excel in servicing clients who demand that extra level of specialised attention.

Dell Technologies

Create, manage and deliver next-generation digital media content
Today, every aspect of the media and entertainment sector is digital; from content creation and production, to broadcast and content delivery. Dell Technologies has been helping M&E companies, like yours, to deliver content-rich media, including high-performance creation, real-time workflows and cost-effective archives.

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Extraordinary Content

Outernet’s programming team has brought together the best content partners and creatives to create a compelling schedule of music, arts, culture and creators. More than 100M visitors per year will be able to experience extraordinary broadcast content, live events, brand launches, product drops, celebrity endorsements and a world-class programme of art exhibitions.

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Pixel Artworks

Hold a digital butterfly in the palm of your hand in our most ambitious experience yet! Outernet presents The Butterfly Trail, brought to you by Pixel Artworks. Discover a magical new immersive experience which pushes the boundaries of digital design.

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