Simplify Mac deployment and management

Mac Readiness Review: Expert recommendations for Mac deployment and management workflows, tailored to your organisation.

As Mac continues to gain popularity with end users and employee choice programmes become common practice, it is important to build a strong foundation for success with Mac at your workplace.

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Organisational transformation is a journey but understanding best practices can be a powerful accelerator. Whether deploying Apple products for the first time, or expanding an existing estate, our dedicated team of consultants have expertise across enterprise, mid-market, and public sectors to deliver effective Apple management strategies, tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Our Mac Readiness Review is designed to help you prepare for your next Mac deployment and set your organisation up for success with Mac by evaluating numerous IT areas.

Mac Readiness Review

Device deployment and management

Apple Business Manager

An optimised device management solution is critical to preserving the experience expected by Mac users whilst also implementing the management and securing standards of your organisation.

Whilst Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms provide you with the tools you need to manage Apple devices, our team of consultants have industry insights and specialist knowledge to maximise the functionality of your MDM and enable features that simplify management processes.

As an organisation's Mac user base grows, providing a zero-touch deployment process and enabling simple, streamlined management is essential to allow for scalability without creating additional workload.

Directory service and SSO

Apple devices fit into existing infrastructure and with the right integration, a great user experience for end users can be achieved. Identity management integration enables your Mac users to access corporate resources. As part of the Mac Readiness Review, we take time to understand your current identity management and integration procedure and make recommendations based on the latest developments and best practices to enable users to access your enterprise services seamlessly and securely.

Endpoint and platform security

A common struggle for IT Teams is finding the balance between security and personalisation for Mac users. Our consultants have experience supporting IT Teams to meet the security standards of their organisation without restricting the features that users love about using Mac. The protection of corporate data is imperative, and we help implement processes that build upon Apple’s secure platforms to put security and privacy at the centre, such as the ability to remotely lock and erase all sensitive data if a device goes missing.

Apple regularly releases software updates to address emerging security concerns. We give IT the ability to enforce software updates to ensure Apple devices are kept up to date or keep users on a previous OS while still receiving important security updates.

Automating repeatable processes can be a huge time saver. The ability to erase all content and settings can be used as needed by IT to return a Mac to factory settings so that it can be recycled or assigned to a new user.

Networking and infrastructure

To ensure the best possible service for Apple devices on your network, several different factors must be considered. A key part of Readiness Review is to look at your current infrastructure so the appropriate wireless settings can be installed. Understanding the requirements for VPN, proxy and print solutions before deployment ensures roadblocks can be avoided.

Help desk and support

There are many things to consider when defining your support services for employee devices. When it comes to helpdesk capacity, accurately predicting the volume of tickets and the number of service agents required to run the service desk can be a challenge. Service desk agents need the knowledge and confidence to quickly identify whether the issue is associated with hardware or software, as well as the ability to stay up to date with the latest technology innovations. The logistics of device repair and replacement can be complex and time-consuming, especially when managing international or remote workers. We help organisations to consider whether to manage Apple device support in-house or to outsource responsibilities.

Mac Readiness Review


  • Learn proven best practices for Mac deployment and management
  • Gain an understanding of your current environment and identify technical concerns before they become a problem
  • Understand how potential risk factors, core architecture needs, and workflow refinements can be addressed
  • Drive employee enablement and productivity by enabling more users with Mac

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Mac Readiness Review is a technical evaluation of an organisation's management infrastructure, systems, security, and workflows to assess the readiness to introduce or deploy further Mac devices.

This service identifies performance and configuration improvements and offers solutions to enable seamless Mac deployment and management.

With enterprise, mid-market, and education-specific expertise we provide the industry insights and specialist knowledge of the Apple ecosystem to support customer needs and enable a great experience to be delivered for users.

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