Introducing StorNext 7 on the H4000 Series

Watch the webinar on the world’s fastest collaborative shared storage system - StorNext7 on the H4000 Series.

StorNext 7’s new software-defined architecture is a major architectural step toward public and hybrid-cloud deployments and can converge StorNext 7 file services, data services, and block services to all run virtually on a single platform.

The Quantum H4000 Series is a line of high-performance storage appliances for hosting the StorNext® 7 File System that dramatically simplifies the StorNext user experience and enables easier and more flexible deployment options.

Watch the webinar with Trams and Quantum and find out:

  • StorNext 7 converged technology – ready to fly on new architectures
  • StorNext 7 interface tour: a new level of simplicity and productivity
  • StorNext 7 and H4000 deployment examples to break through your content production bottlenecks

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