Trams|Econocom and TePAS 2

The Technology Procurement and Associated Services (TePAS 2) framework, the ultimate solution for public sector procurement.

TePAS 2 will streamline the way government bodies can acquire hardware, software, and services, all within a single, seamless contract.

Trams|Econocom is an award-winning IT solutions provider with top-tier relationships with the world's leading technology brands. Due to our outstanding work in the IT sector, we have been awarded a place on the TePAS 2 framework. We can help you with:

  • Cyber Security
  • Hybrid Working
  • End-Point Devices
  • Audio Visual
  • Storage and Disaster Recovery
  • Repairs

How TePAS 2 Benefits You

TePAS 2 - Education


In the world of academia, the durability of your academic technology is paramount. As all the TePAS 2 lots cover hardware, services, and end-user support, you can be confident you’re providing not just the tech your teachers and students need now, but also the support that can help them thrive in the future. As the TePAS 2 framework has a dedicated education lot, securing these end-to-end solutions for your institution is simpler than ever.

Local Government

The framework is ideal for driving forward an overdue digital transformation, with cloud computing software, server racks and even system installation all covered. Meaning you can speed up the improvement of your IT services, for citizens and staff alike. And, with competitively priced solutions available on the framework, you can be sure your new purchases are making the most of your budget.

TePAS 2 - Local Goverment
TePAS 2 - healthcare image


TePAS 2 presents a dedicated category exclusively for healthcare establishments, simplifying the process of acquiring the technology necessary for your facility. By streamlining the traditional procurement timescales, you can enhance operational efficiency, freeing up valuable time and resources for your IT teams. Additionally, TePAS 2 includes comprehensive support, encompassing project management and training services across all its offerings. This ensures that you can confidently provide your teams with the appropriate technology and comprehensive support, all bundled into one convenient package

Central Government

Upgrading from outdated technology to robust, contemporary solutions has never been more straightforward. The integrated platform streamlines the requirement for protracted bidding procedures, preserving your valuable time, energy, and resources. Moreover, the framework extends the option to acquire complementary services alongside hardware and software acquisitions, ensuring you are well-equipped for whatever challenges lie ahead.

TePAS 2 - Central Government

TePAS 2 and Trams|Econocom

Facilitating Progress Toward Your ESG Objectives

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives stand as paramount concerns for public sector entities. When you merge the efficacy of TePAS 2 with the expertise of Trams|Econocom, numerous avenues open up to achieve concrete advancements toward your ESG goals.


The Sustainability and Circular IT lot allows for the acquisition of refurbished tech – helping to cut your organisation’s purchase of brand-new hardware. And, when it comes time for disposal, Trams|Econocom end-to-end support services can help with responsible recycling.

Use the framework to supply your organisation with the solutions needed to improve employee experience. With decades of expertise in digital transformation, Trams|Econocom can remove tech barriers with training and support. Allowing your teams to feel more confident and comfortable in their workplace.

Purchasing through frameworks powers proactive supply chain assurance – fostering industry collaboration on the elimination of modern slavery, child labour, and inhumane treatment. Trams|Econocom can help you adopt and integrate new solutions in the most secure way, safeguarding your teams and their data.

Experience the confidence of procuring sustainable, compliant solutions designed to conquer the unique challenges of your working environment. TePAS 2 provides a streamlined gateway to your tech essentials, and at Trams|Econocom, we offer everything else you need to elevate your journey.

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