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Published on 12 March 2020 Enterprise IT, Security, Storage, TramsCloud, Mobile Device Management, Apple

Read some of our thoughts on technical aspects you need to consider when moving people to home-workers

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) has brought home-working back to the forefront of companies plans. However, with employees already working outside of “business hours”, the constant threats of a terrorist attack and the possibility of future epidemics it’s ideal for all companies to build a long-term contingency plan.

While there are numerous internal and external influences a company would need to analyse, this article will concentrate on the technical implications. Employees working from home offer an opportunity for hackers to penetrate an individual’s home WiFi and steal sensitive company information. Plus, a Remote Report (graph below) conducted in 2019 cited communication and home distractions in the top 4 of biggest struggled when working remotely. Which means, a company (who is responsible for an employee’s wellbeing during working hours) will need to put in aids to help those away from the office.

One secure way to protect your data, assist employees anywhere in the world and help your workforce stay connected is through a Mobile Device Management solution.

What is Mobile Device Management?
MDM allows your IT Department, and company, to secure, monitor, integrate and manage all workplace devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The MDM will optimise the functionality and security of mobile devices within the working environment, whilst also protecting the corporate network and any corporate data that has been downloaded or synced to the mobile device.

Business Continuity - How to Plan Home-Workers
Here are some of the elements you will need to think about when planning to place some or all of your employees’ home-workers. As stated earlier, this will look at the technical aspect and provide examples of how TramsCloud, our Mobile Device Management solution, can assist you and keep your business operative.

• Global Workforce
TramsCloud, powered by Jamf Pro, is built on AWS (Amazon Web Services), meaning we can benefit from their global footprint, allowing us to deliver content anywhere in the world. TramsCloud Manage offers enterprise-level features without the hefty hardware and support costs of maintaining your environment, even if you only have a handful of devices.

• Scalability
If the plan is to initially trial home-working with a specific department or group of employees, TramsCloud lets you scale when you roll out to the entire workforce. The system is designed to automatically scale, with no input from Trams or the customer, and can go from 10 devices to 5,000 instantly!

• Data Breaches
With the implementation of GDPR, a company’s data is exceedingly important. TramsCloud will allow authorised personnel to run reports on who’s gaining access to business data remotely. With an MDM solution, IT can remotely wipe data and sensitive information from a lost or stolen device along with regular encrypted backups to ensure the information isn’t lost forever.

• Centralised Control
Despite being a global company, you can control all the devices across the world from one central IT department. This leads to reduced costs, as companies don’t need staff on the ground to manually update devices.

• Employee Wellbeing
An MDM solution, like TramsCloud, allows you to install Apps to help your workforce. Apps like Serene have been created to help remote workers, by helping them to define their daily goals, break them down and even remind individuals to take breaks… helping with their overall productivity.

• Communication
Also, with the Apps and Solutions available, those working from home can stay in constant communication with everyone else. Video conferencing saves time and money, as employees aren’t spending money travelling from one destination to another. Plus, the one-to-one and group communication, allows those feeling isolated to have human interaction.

What is TramsCloud?
With TramsCloud Manage you can remotely control end-user devices to maintain security and troubleshoot issues wherever they are across the globe, automatically configure access to email and work apps, view real-time device inventory, reassign apps and software with ease as your workforce changes and so much more.

The cloud-based solution will allow you to keep your employees connected to the technology they need to work and keep your company operational wherever they are.

Zero Touch Deployment
TramsCloud also allows you to deploy devices directly from the manufacturer to the employee without needing to configure the machine. With the MDM solution, it will turn on as per the normal company settings, meaning they can start working immediately.

With the information above, plus looking at other aspects you have the start/minimum information on how to organise, a flexible work disaster response. Even if it’s not used now, putting the plan into action will help ensure operational continuity, as chances are, there will be times you will need it in the future.

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