Cinegy – 30 day evaluations now available

Published on 19 March 2015 Media, Entertainment & Creative, Storage

Great news! Cinegy is now providing everyone with the opportunity to download 30-day evaluations of a selection of its products. Please click on the product image below to register for the evaluation download which will be emailed to you.

Cinegy Air PRO

Delivering a channel is complex with many interconnected elements costing money, requiring management and needing maintenance. Cinegy Air simplifies these challenges by supporting multiple channels with multiple features in a single box. Cinegy Air delivers Dolby Digital encoding, EAS, Nielsen watermarking and Cinegy Type channel branding as one integrated software solution.

Cinegy Multiviewer

Streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other local or remote sources all need to be monitored. Cinegy Multiviewer displays these signals before analyzing them and raising alerts for any detected signal problems. Running as a service operating on commodity IT equipment, video streams can be received via IP e.g. via Ethernet or using standard SDI cards.

Cinegy Live

A modern IP-based infrastructure needs to allow mixing and cutting signals together while still supporting legacy SDI streams. Built to solve these 2nd generation business challenges of moving to IP, Cinegy Live blends audio and video streams on the fly via an intuitive touch-screen interface - all while remaining in the software world.

Cinegy Player

Cinegy Player is a new tool for broadcast professionals that demands outstanding quality, precision and playback performance while working with high-end video formats. Cinegy Player includes native support for most broadcast industry standard video codecs within the two most common containers – MOV and MXF.