Sustainable storage: should you be looking now?

Published on 03 October 2022

UK companies, including SMEs, have an important part to play in achieving the government’s NetZero target by 2050. Realising the importance of being carbon-natural and the consumer benefits which come from therefore numerous companies are bringing their environmental impact closer, such as 2030 or 2040.

Business leaders of all sizes need to act now and begin their journey to net zero emissions. According to The Carbon Trust, companies with fewer than 250 employees account for almost 20% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. To achieve the government’s NetZero target, UK SMEs will have an important role to play.

Whatever the size of your company and the timeframe you’re working to, there is one question you’re probably asking,

“How on earth do I even begin our journey to a NetZero IT environment?”

Why you need to look at IT for carbon emissions?

Only recently have companies and IT manufacturers been promoting the recycling of their devices and utilising new-age techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of their equipment. However, while hardware is the main target of recycling, there is still much to be done... especially with companies' infrastructure and storage.

Whether you’re using a Private or Public Cloud, alongside or instead of your servers, your company is utilising a Data Centre.

In the US alone, data centres are expected to use 660 billion litres of water per year. And worldwide centres produce approximately 2% of greenhouse gas emissions: nearly the equivalent of the entire global airline industry.

With companies, such as Coca-Cola and General Motors looking to become NetZero in the future they will look to their supply chain (suppliers and partners etc) to replicate the same carbon-neutral stance. Meaning businesses throughout the world need to address their sustainable goals and target a net-zero approach to keep working with clients.

Green Data Centre

Sustainability in IT

So, what does this mean for your IT infrastructure? UK companies are acknowledging a need to strategically plan and implement a carbon-neutral stance to guarantee their economic future. While many companies are utilising recycling services for their peripherals and laptops they're not thinking about their infrastructure.

Companies such as Dell, Pure Storage, Quantum, and HP are working to create sustainable tech infrastructures to help drive down climate change and meet demand.

Sustainable Statistics from Manufacturers

  • Dell has reduced their Energy Intensity (EI) on PowerEdge servers by 83% over the past 8 years.
  • Dell PowerEdge servers contain up to 35% recycled plastic.
  • In 2021, Dell utilised over 27 million pounds of sustainable materials in their products.
  • Lenovo have documented that by 2025/26, 90% of their global operations’ electricity will be obtained from renewable sources.
  • By 2029/30, Lenovo aim to achieve 50% improvement in energy efficiency on Lenovo servers and desktops.


Trams|Econocom has received multiple awards for the outstanding work completed with customers on their infrastructure and data storage. Our Technical Account Managers are trained and educated on the latest developments in IT solutions and continually complete courses to keep abreast of any new technology.

Knowledge of the latest innovations combined with our top-tier partnerships with the largest IT manufacturers, Trams are ideally placed to help evaluate a customer’s current IT environment and suggest positive changes to improve efficiency.

Nigel May - Head of Sales at Trams|Econocom - said, “When I joined Trams I knew them as a large Apple supplier, but being involved with the projects since arriving has made me realise how much work the company conducts in hybrid and sustainable storage. The teams are continually working with clients on evolving technology every week.”

With decades of experience in storage, hybrid working, security and networks our team can create the ideal infrastructure and work with manufacturers to improve a customer’s network whilst reducing the company's carbon footprint.

Now is the time to start looking at your sustainable storage, for the future of businesses, the supply chain and the next generation.

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