The Power of the New Mac Pro Impresses Design Agency

Published on 04 February 2020 Enterprise IT, Media, Entertainment & Creative, Apple

QED Creative is a creative agency, specialising in packaging design for global brands, and recently received their new Mac Pro from Trams Ltd, an Apple Authorised Reseller. With several older Mac Pros and iMacs, they decided the time was right to invest in the recently launched machine.

Launched in December 2019 the new Mac Pro was instantly recognised as an astonishingly powerful machine which creative professionals will find hard to ignore. The new system has been completely redesigned with a stainless-steel frame that lifts off to reveal a modular design that makes upgrading and enhancing the Mac Pro possible in infinite ways.

Kurt Leech, Director at QED Creative said, “When they announced the new Mac Pro we were hesitant, due to the seemingly high price tag, however when we compared benchmark scores, it seemed like a good idea to try them out.”

For many designers and personnel in the media and entertainment industry the applications they use demand a lot from the workstation. With their complex projects and tight deadlines, it is imperative that their machine can handle the workload and deliver every time.

In the instance of QED Creative, their work has changed over the years as client’s expectations and their working environment alters to deal with these demands. Artwork files are becoming increasing intricate with a multitude of layers, ever-larger image files, complex vector graphics and multiple language scripts.

As a result, users can find themselves waiting for a file to open, save, render for the application to randomly crash. Meaning time is wasted and tight deadlines become ever closer.

Kurt from QED Creative continued, “We’ve instantly been very impressed by the new Mac Pro. All the team are amazed with the reliability, speed and stability. Plus, with the new Mac Pro we also have the ability to upgrade the machines ourselves as our business and technology changes in the future.”

Warren Peel, Managing Director of Trams said, “The creative industry works across all sectors, each as demanding as the next; agencies, video editors and audio professionals all need the latest technology to create without limits. We see the new Mac Pro as a giant leap forward for creative and compute applications; for all those professionals pursuing the greatest performance, expansion & configurability the new Mac Pro pushes the limits of what is possible.”

“We are already working with a long list of customers who wish to evaluate and invest in the new Mac Pro with Trams as their preferred partner. I’m sure they will all echo the positive comments from QED Creative.” Warren concludes.

As a result of QED’s experience with their Mac Pro, they have ordered a second machine as they already see the benefits the device brings and how the initial investment will save time and money in the long run.

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