Twitter Poll Shows Security Concern with the Cloud

Published on 15 March 2018 Enterprise IT, Security

15th March - A survey by award-winning IT solutions provider, Trams Ltd, has revealed that while advancements in Cloud operations continue, there are still security concerns from businesses on hosting data on the cloud.

The poll, created on Twitter* asked; “Do you see the Cloud as a feasible disaster recovery option? Is it secure enough?”. The results concluded:



Not sure......26%

Meaning 65% were “Not Sure” or said “No”. Is this a true understanding of the developments and solutions available?

The results come a week before Microsoft and Barracuda speak at a Trams presentation, which will highlight the latest developments designed to alleviate companies’ security concerns.

Encryption features can now secure your data to make the cloud just as stable as hardware at data centres., a feature often overlooked by many companies. This means the Cloud is an ideal disaster recovery option, increasing efficiency, availability and saving money.

Warren Peel, MD at Trams said, “As with all IT applications the Cloud is always evolving, and we believe the presentation on 21st March will help a number of companies save money from expensive data centres whilst keeping their data secure.” One of our clients’ Technical Services Director said, “Azure has revolutionised our disaster recovery offerings in the market. Simply put, we can very easily provide centrally managed DR to our customers for 44 percent lower costs."

With enhanced encryption the Cloud can:

  • Remove costs from Data Sites
  • Allow you to choose where your data is stored
  • Instant availability in case of emergency
  • Plus, much more

On 21st March at Eight Bank, London, Barracuda will present “Making the Cloud Safe for Business, followed by Microsoft with “Migrating services to Azure Solutions”. For more information and to register for the event visit

*Twitter Poll conducted by Trams and advertised to IT-released job titles in the UK. A total of 166 votes were submitted.