Blackbird Video

The world’s fastest, most powerful professional cloud video editing and publishing platform.

Enabling remote editing, Blackbird provides rapid access to video content for the easy creation of clips, highlights and longer form content to multiple devices and platforms. A fully-featured editor accessed through any browser, easy to learn and needing only limited bandwidth to use, Blackbird powers significant productivity and efficiency benefits for any enterprise organisation working with video.

An ultra green technology, Blackbird supports the sustainability goals of the media production industry.

  • Edit frame-accurately from anywhere – even on low bandwidth
  • Remotely and collaboratively produce great video content
  • Benefit from the only professional video editor in a browser
  • Enjoy instant precision access to video
  • Easily and quickly create clips, highlights and longer form content
  • Publish video content in seconds – to everywhere
  • Monetise content
  • Integrate Blackbird with existing infrastructure

The only professional video editor in a browser. Edit remotely, be first to market, scale effortlessly and flexibly, ensure content quality and drive massive efficiencies across your organisation.

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